Try These Fun Activities At Your Kid’s Next Birthday Party

Celebrating birthdays is an important part of growing up, as childhood memories of birthday parties will live on in your youngster’s memories for the rest of his or her life. While you don’t need to hire a circus or rent out the roller rink for every birthday party, it’s still important to make sure your kid’s party is fun for everyone. Choosing fun games and activities your child and his or her friends will enjoy can seem like a daunting challenge, but there are a lot of fun options no matter what your youngster is into.

For the sports nut
If your kid loves to play soccer, basketball or any other sport, have his or her birthday party somewhere with a lot of space, such as a park or schoolyard. For winter birthdays, you may be able to rent out a local recreation center’s gymnasium for the day. Organize a friendly game of your child’s choosing or just leave the kids to their own devices. You may be surprised how quickly they’ll invent a game with their own set of rules.

For gamers
If you have a hard time prying the video game controller out of your kid’s hands, you might want to center his or her party on virtual reality. Let your youngster choose a couple of multiplayer games he or she loves and host a competition among the guests, with awards for the winners and consolation prizes for the others. You can come up with a bracket system to declare a reigning champion for older kids who might be more competitive. For younger kids, you might want to keep things friendlier to avoid hurt feelings.

For animal lovers
If you’ve ever seen “Mrs. Doubtfire,” you may not be willing to turn your home into a petting zoo, but there are fun ways to incorporate animals into a kid’s birthday party. Consider hosting a pet parade, inviting guests to bring along family pets. Make sure parents are invited as well to keep things under control. If that seems like too much of an undertaking, you could set up an arts and crafts station where kids can design their own animal masks. All you need are paper plates, some string or ribbon, scissors and decorating materials (markers, glitter, construction paper, etc.). Enlist the help of another parent to provide adult supervision.

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