Try These Gluten-Free Bread Alternatives

Try These Gluten-Free Brea Alternatives - Fit & Fresh BlogGoing gluten-free has become mainstream in the food world. Some carb lovers have swapped out classic bread products for their gluten-free siblings, while others have decided to forgo bread products all together! Carbohydrates are a critical macronutrient that provide your body with energy. While there’s no need to completely eliminate carbs from your diet, you can choose to scale back. Check out these healthier substitutions for bread below:

Instead of toast, try sweet potato
Sound crazy? We promise it’s not! Sweet potato toast rose in popularity on Instagram as foodies looked for alternatives to classic toast to start their mornings. You can slice sweet potatoes lengthwise and pop them in your toaster oven to be the base for your next breakfast. Sweet potatoes are chock-full of Vitamin A as well as other nutrients that will keep you feeling full all day, noted Women’s Day. You can drizzle cinnamon butter or you can get an extra dose of protein by sweeping peanut butter on top with sliced bananas.

Swap out a wheat wrap for Swiss chard
GQ​ magazine noted that wheat wraps are not healthier than their sliced bread counterparts. They can pack more sodium and hydrogenated oils than bread. Next time you prep your lunch, choose a leaf wrap. Heartier leaves, like Swiss chard, can hold all of your ingredients without breaking – because nothing is sadder than a lettuce wrap that cracks and spills everything all over your desk. You can carefully tear the leaves lengthwise along the spine. Then place your wrap ingredients – like roasted chicken, peppers, sliced carrots and hummus – in the center. They make for great snacks on the go!

Opt for red bell peppers for sliders, not buns
As much as we love bread, it can get soggy if it’s holding a juicy turkey burger or a medley of roasted vegetables. You can use your “bun” to complement the flavors in your sandwich – and avoid a soggy end result – by using sliced red bell peppers. SpoonUniversity recommended peppers as an option to increase your Vitamin C as well as adding a touch of sweetness. You can try grilling turkey burgers and topping them with fresh mozzarella and arugula for an Italian-inspired meal that will leave your coworkers jealous.

Add avocado to your eggs
Instead of including a piece of toast with your scrambled eggs, you can try avocado. You can either slice it and add it your morning scramble for a dose of good-for-you fats. Or you can slice an avocado in half and bake an egg in the center. POPSUGAR recommended spooning out one or two tablespoons from the center of the avocado to create enough space for your egg. Then, preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and place your avocado egg in for 15 to 20 minutes. Top with cayenne pepper for a kick!

There are so many options for bread substitutes – so if you’re looking to reduce your carb intake, there’s no need to feel deprived. Enjoy!

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