Try These Crazy Tricks For Amazing Food Photography

Try These Tips for Amazing Food Photography - Fit & Fresh BlogIf you’re like many other foodies, you love snapping a photo of the perfect lunch that you’ve made or the green juice you’re sipping to help you look and feel your best. Scrolling through your Instagram or flipping through the latest food magazine, photos from fellow food-lovers can seem incredibly professional. Have you ever wondered how these foods look so darn pretty in these photos? We’ll let you in on a little secret: There are some crazy tricks that food stylists use to make their dishes look delicious. We break down these secrets below so you can release your inner food photographer:

Find the best light
According to the Guardian, to keep tacos looking their best, food stylists will use cosmetic sponges and WD-40 to make them glisten and leave your mouth watering. If you whip up a plate of homemade pulled chicken tacos like these ones from the Nerdy Mama food blog, you don’t need to make your dinner inedible in order to post it. Instead, you can play with incorporating natural light to bring out the lush colors of your taco toppings, The New York Times recommended. The best natural light is usually found midday (even better if it’s cloudy!) to help bring your photos to the next level.

Consider the texture
When you dig into a plate of fresh-baked apples or chocolate chip cookies, what typically separates the alright from the family-recipe status is great texture. Food stylists have a list of inedible ingredients they use to keep foods looking camera-ready: They will use haircare products to mimic milk to stop cereal from becoming soggy or corn syrup to make ice cream drip just right. Before you snap a photo, think about the texture of your food. For those baked apples, you may be able to imagine a slight snap – and those cookies may be the perfect blend of soft and crunchy. Try to capture that texture in your photos. Break a cookie in half or slice your baked apples so the viewer can imagine what they would taste like. Don’t be afraid to take several shots! The only way to create stronger food photography is to keep experimenting.

Snap what you love
This may sound simple, but take photos of foods you love. If you adore your family’s famous fruit crumble, make that the star of your photo. Or, if you’re on Instagram, you’ve might adore snapping your ice cream obsession. If you prefer taking a photo of your fresh heirloom tomatoes, play with different colors: in your backgrounds, of your plates, even with your tomatoes! You’ll give your friends cravings for whatever you whip up next.

Food can make you feel satisfied and proud when it becomes a delicious final dish. You don’t need to be a food photographer in order to create a gorgeous photo. Use their tips as inspiration and enjoy!

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