Tips For Putting Together The Perfect Summer Picnic

Picnics are the perfect way to take advantage of the warm weather and blue skies the summer season brings. And really – is there anything more luxurious and indulgent than lounging on a soft blanket while enjoying delicious food and drink?

With picnics, a little preparation goes a long way. By planning the menu ahead of time and packing your basket with all the essentials, you can savor an outdoor meal with style and no stress.

Here are some tips for putting together a summer picnic:

Create a diverse menu 
When planning a picnic menu, you want to have a variety of meals that will cover all the bases. It’s also fun to give the foods an upscale flair without being fussy.

As Tiffany, author of the blog Parsnips & Pastries, noted, “I do like to up my picnic game, it’s true. But I still like to keep things simple enough where seasonal ingredients and the delicious food shine through.”

Tiffany recommends putting together a menu that covers the following four categories: nibbles, mains, sweets and drinks. Nibbles are any little appetizers and easy bites that your picnic partners can munch on with ease, like hummus and veggies or sliced cheese and cured meats. Mains such as gourmet-inspired sandwiches and quiche satisfy even the largest of appetites, while delightful sweets like mini pies and tea cakes top things off on a scrumptious note. For drinks, go with classy sippers like sparkling water, herbal iced tea or lemonade.

Consider storage 
It’s essential that you’re able to keep any perishable foods properly chilled during transport as well as during the picnic itself. Fill a cooler with cubed ice as well as ice packs to keep things cold, and store meals and snacks in Fit & Fresh containers.

Special food items entail particular storage methods. Sandwiches can stay fresh, and not soggy, when stored in lunch containers. You could also bring the individual components of the sandwiches and then assemble them when you get there. Take care that bread loafs, muffins or pastries don’t get crushed during transport!

Unwind with the perfect summer picnic.

Pack all the needed extras 
Prepare for any situation, from spilled drinks to dropped forks, by bringing along all the extras that will make your picnic comfortable. Paper plates and plastic cups and utensils make for easy clean-up, while a roll or two of paper towels can serve as napkins or spill-nixers. Don’t forget any necessary condiments like mayo, mustard, olive oil or ketchup. Be sure to bring along a garbage bag to throw any trash in before you pack up your picnic and leave, too.

Dial up the charm 
A soft, antique blanket, fresh-cut flowers and plush pillows also make the arrangement extra charming and inviting, as event planner Calder Clark did for her pretty picnic set-up. Feel free to experiment with plates, utensils and glassware in unexpected colors – mix-matched patterns and textures portray a classy yet laid-back vibe.

With these tips, you can have the summer picnic of your dreams!

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