Tips For The Perfect Picnic

Spring has sprung and there’s few things in life that are pleasanter than enjoying a meal plein air. Choosing a peaceful spot in a park, spreading a soft blanket and opening a basket full of tasty treats – what’s better than a picnic?

Have the best picnics this spring with these tips:

Transport foods wisely
The key to a having a picnic that’s about making memories, and not making a mess, is being smart about the foods you bring and the way you transport them – you want to bring foods that are easy to eat while sitting down, and it’s important to package them in ways that won’t cause a spill in your basket. Sandwiches can be wrapped in parchment paper, while pasta and green salads can be easily packaged in plastic containers. Cubed cheeses, olives and sliced fruits and vegetables make great finger foods – tote them along in containers as well, and make sure you bring toothpicks.

The perfect picnic takes a little planning.

Design Mom reminded picnickers that they should bring a cooler for foods that contain poultry, eggs, or mayonnaise, depending on the distance that you’re traveling for your picnic. You could also pack these foods in containers that keep their contents cold. Chilled soups may seem like a no-go for picnics, but it’s actually easy to transport them if you pour them in containers with seal-tight lids. Don’t forget a dessert for your picnic, too, like a fruit tart or fresh-baked cookies.

Choose a good location
When scouting the perfect picnic location, look for a scenic spot that is on dry ground – so while a picnic on a riverbank may look nice, soggy seats are not. If it’s particularly warm out, it’s smart to seek out a shady spot under a leafy tree. Destination picnics are fun, but there’s no need to travel far and wide for your picnic – it can be perfectly charming to have a picnic in your backyard or at your neighborhood park.

Gear up
You can bring along the ideal picnic foods, but it’s all for naught if you don’t have the right accompanying supplies. Make sure you pack plenty of napkins and cutlery – pass on plastic forks and knives and opt for metal to be extra eco-conscious – along with plates and a small cutting board, if you need it.

Forkful had the ingenious idea of packing a muffin tin for your picnic. The tin holds cups, preventing drink spills on your blanket, and also provides a convenient storage spot for other picnic goodies.

Ward off mosquitos
Eating food outside is fun. What's not fun? Being the food for mosquitos. Make sure you're the only creatures munching down by packing a citronella candle or bug spray, or repel the pests the natural way. According to Part-time Nanny, citrus peels deter mosquitos, so bring a bag of lemon, orange and grapefruit peels and scatter them on your blanket before digging in. Marigolds and mouthwash also are natural mosquito repellents - place a bouquet of the flower on your blanket, or tote along a spray bottle full of mouthwash.

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