Tips For Sticking To Healthy Eating This Valentine’s Day

It’s begun – that dreaded time leading up to, during and shortly after Valentine’s Day, when every candy company seems to be conspiring against your commitment to healthy eating. Despite the endless displays and prominent advertisements, you can fight temptation and avoid the pitfalls of this candy-filled holiday. It’s really a matter of mental preparation and exercising some serious self-control, but if you can make it through Valentine’s Day without giving in, you’ll not only be healthier, you’ll be proud of yourself.

Don’t go hungry

Conventional wisdom states that you shouldn’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. The same stands for candy – after all, it’s a food. Heading into any food retailer while you’re hungry is a bad idea. You may be craving a great sandwich and have every intention of buying only deli meat and bread, but once you walk down the candy aisle, you’re going to consider what you’d like to have for dessert. So eat before you head out, whether it’s some rice cakes or a quick bite fresh out of the salad shaker. You’ll find your cravings decreased after you stave off your hunger.

Steer clear

Staying away from the candy aisle completely is a foolproof way to avoid sweets. Of course, this is extra difficult when stores market their products in areas that are hard to bypass. However, rather than follow the general foot traffic, mentally brace yourself when you enter a retailer and head straight for the aisles where your items are located.

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Make it public

Chances are, loved ones will shower you with chocolates and candies. Stem the flow before it begins and let everyone know that you’re trying to stick to healthy eating this year and would appreciate a card as much as a chocolate heart. This way, you won’t have to feel guilty about eating or not eating a box of chocolates in the interest of your healthy lifestyle.

Dally around

If you’ve given in and find yourself grasping a candy bar, take your time in the store and browse aisles that are free of sweets. In instances where you can’t quite convince yourself to let go, consider a compromise: Instead of getting the candy bar, put the money away in a jar to save up for another, more expensive item you’ve been eyeing. As difficult as it is to resist temptation during Valentine’s Day, it’s doable if you plan ahead and can convince yourself to do everything necessary to keep up your healthy eating habits.

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