Tips For Curbing Your Chocolate Cravings

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at home or at work and suddenly it hits you: an un-explainable, strong urge to eat chocolate – and lots of it. Before you give into this craving, think about your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and consider an alternative response. Chances are you’ve given into your urges. You may even have justified it by arguing that some studies have shown that chocolate can be good for your health. However, as with any foods, this only applies when consumed in moderation. Plus, the type and grade of chocolate also play a role in how healthy it really is. Avoid this confusion and the resulting guilt altogether with these tips for curbing chocolate cravings.

Wait it Out

: This can be especially difficult if you have the means to acquire the sweets. When faced with this challenge, use your willpower and wait. You may find that your craving wasn’t as strong as you’d initially thought. Often, cravings go away as quickly as they come. Simply waiting it out can pay off.

Turn to cocoa powder:

 One of the main ingredients of chocolate is cocoa powder. Therefore, you can enjoy the same aroma and general taste of chocolate without the added sugars by sprinkling some cocoa powder into your food. Fit Day pointed out that it can be added to yogurt, cottage cheese and shakes.

Look for specialty teas:

Specialty teas have grown in popularity in the past few years. Look for nearby shops and look at their selection of dessert teas. There will probably be ones that use chocolate. Whenever you have a hankering for chocolate, brew some tea instead. Invest in caffeinated and non-caffeinated varieties to ensure that you’ll have tools to fight your chocolate cravings, no matter what time of the day it is!

Opt for fruits:

If you’ve already waited and still want chocolate, grab a piece of fruit and snack on that instead. It might just be your sweet tooth acting up. Once you’ve finished, the craving will most likely have subsided, and you’ll have increased your healthy eating for the day.

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy, especially when it comes to cravings, but being prepared for them and knowing healthy alternatives can ensure that you stick to a nutritious diet and avoid pitfalls.


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