Summer Snacks To Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Bright sunlight streaming through your office windows can make you long to run outside, kick off your shoes and act like a kid again – namely one without a to-do list. While that may not be possible, you can bring snacks with you that leave you feeling energized while still tapping into your inner kid. Did your favorite make the list?

Apple and peanut butter
Instead, dip a few slices of crisp apples – Granny Smith is a great option for a tangy pairing or Fuji if you prefer something sweeter – along with two or three tablespoons of peanut butter to keep your energy levels high. Feel free to experiment with this snack: You can swap out peanut butter for almond or sunflower seed butter and add shaved coconut or chocolate chips for your topping.

Baguette slices
Sometimes the simplest snacks are the most satisfying. You can take a demi baguette and slice it into diagonal pieces for a utensil-free lunch. Top each slice with a locally made raspberry jam or a few slices of cheese for an afternoon pick-me-up. You can always appeal to your grown-up sensibilities by making your baguette whole wheat and adding slices of cheese.

Ants on a log
Peanut butter is also the star of this afternoon snack. Celery sticks become the log with peanut butter and raisins topping each stalk. Salty all-natural peanut butter perfectly offsets the sweetness of the raisins with the celery creating the ideal crunch. It’ll make you feel like you’re at summer camp all over again!

Make these cheese snacks at home and embrace your inner kid.

(Homemade) Cheetos
Remember these bright snacks? They would stain your fingertips traffic-cone orange after just a few handfuls. Why not bring that sense of snack rebellion back? Instead of relying on the original – which has some scary artificial ingredients listed – you can make a batch at home with this recipe from Casey Barber. Don’t be surprised if your coworkers volunteer to taste-test.

Refreshing ice pops
Remember the days when it was so hot that all you could think about was slurping on an ice pop? You can bring that feeling back with a detoxifying recipe. It has just two ingredients: fruit and water! You can go classic with strawberry or watermelon pops or try something a little bit different, like black cherries with earl grey tea. If you don’t have the classic ice cube trays on hand, you can always make your pops a bit bigger with a mold or a small paper cup with a stick. You can whip up a batch of these in an evening – and they can last you all week. For the ultimate kid experience, enjoy these outside with your sunglasses on.

Slow down this summer and enjoy the sunshine with a few snacks in tow. You’ll be so glad you did!

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