Staying Hydrated Is Essential To A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy eating isn’t limited to foods – it’s also important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, water helps maintain normal body temperatures, protect sensitive tissues and the spinal cord, keep joints cushioned and lubricated, and aids with a healthy digestive system. According to the American Heart Association, hydration also helps your heart pump blood throughout the body efficiently. This is why it’s critical to drink plenty of water when exercising.

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Lead a healthy lifestyle

The AHA pointed out that weighing yourself before and after exercising will give you a sense of how much water you’ve lost through perspiration. Then, you should make up for that weight, stated John Batson, M.D., a sports physician with Lowcountry Spine and Sport.Runner’s World provided a guide on how to weigh yourself before and after exercising to determine how much water you should drink afterward. Even if you aren’t exercising, it’s important to drink water throughout the day. While you lose water through sweat, the CDC also noted that you lose a little bit of water when you exhale. Luckily, there are easy ways to get water into your system. For instance, keeping a bottle of water on hand at all times will encourage you to drink frequently throughout the day.

Our Fit & Fresh 20 ounce Tritan Water Bottle is a great choice, as it comes in several stylish patterns & is slim enough to carry anywhere! Carrying a water bottle with you is a great resource whenever you go into work, embark on a shopping trip or head outside to exercise. You should also opt for water over other beverages; It’s the healthiest and purest choice out there and is great for your body. As such, ordering water when you eat out can save money and boost your health. Adhering to a strict water policy can be difficult if you’re not a fan of it. However, you can give your water a quick kick of flavor by adding a lemon or lime wedge. The simple addition will leave your water with a crisp, refreshing quality. Another great way to stay hydrated is by eating foods such as watermelons, cucumbers, strawberries, and lettuce, which are all high in water content, according to Positive Health Wellness.

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Pass the word

Parents should encourage their young ones to drink water frequently and educate them on the benefits of water and why this drink should be chosen over other beverages. Promoting a healthy lifestyle early on can encourage the little ones to adopt and embrace the mentality later in life. Remember that many fruits and vegetables also pack plenty of H2O. Consuming these provide you with another opportunity to keep yourself and your children well hydrated while enjoying great taste and taking in the nutrients their bodies need. The University of Kentucky issued a chart on how much water can be found in fruits and vegetables. You might want to stick this useful table on the refrigerator door for reference and as encouragement for healthy eating.

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