‘Snack Dinner’ May Be Your New Favorite Meal

You know those times when you’re starving but aren’t quite sure what you want to eat? And your usual go-to sounds bland, but your stomach’s still growling up a storm. You want to graze on a bunch of different foods, but feel that not putting together a proper meal is a faux-pas for a successful adult.

Au contraire – you just haven’t met the Snack Dinner yet. It’s a craze sweeping social media, and it may be what your indecisive appetite’s been dreaming of all these years.

“This revolutionary way to round out your day of eating is the ultimate solution for the ever-present dinner dilemma that doesn’t sacrifice good food,” wrote Sara Tane in an article for MyRecipes.

What is the Snack Dinner?
The Snack Dinner is a selection of little bites that you arrange together on a plate in place of a full-fledged meal – kind of like a more casual charcuterie board. It has a little of this and a little of that, from fruits and veggies to dips, cheeses, breads and meats. The wonder of the Snack Dinner is that you can create it to suit your exact cravings. It satisfies your urge to munch when you don’t have the desire or time to make a proper dinner.

Nutritious Snack Dinners
Snack Dinners are beloved by health and fitness gurus for how customizable they are as well as how easy it is to load them up with nutritious ingredients. You may think that a Snack Dinner would leave your stomach still grumbling, but with a balanced assortment of snacks, you can feel just as satisfied as if you ate a regular meal.

“Snack Dinners are beloved by health and fitness gurus for how customizable they are.”

Snack Dinners are also super convenient, making them a great healthy meal when you’re pressed for time.

As The Kitchn noted, “[They] can be built entirely from pantry and fridge staples, leftovers or from a quick trip to the deli at your local grocery store. [They] are what you should make when you don’t have the time or energy for cooking a full meal.”

Assembling Snack Dinners 
When it comes to making healthy Snack Dinners, you want to pile on a tasty mix of nutritious ingredients in various food groups – with a pretty range of colors for visual interest! Here are some items you can use in your Snack Dinner:

  • Chopped and sliced crunchy vegetables.
  • Pickled vegetables.
  • Deli or cured meats wrapped around pieces of cheese.
  • Pita bread wedges or sliced toast/baguettes.
  • Nuts and dried fruit.
  • Sliced fresh fruit.
  • Hummus.
  • Olives.

But really, you should let your appetite guide the assembly of your Snack Dinner. For the easiest prep, you can store your favorite pre-sliced fruits, vegetables, cheeses and meats in Fit & Fresh containers in your refrigerator and refill the stock each week. This way, a delicious Snack Dinner will always be within easy reach and will take only a few minutes to assemble.

Now that we’ve introduced the Snack Dinner, get started creating your dream platters today!

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