Shake Up Your Smoothie, Powder-Free

Life can get crazy at times! Between work, kids, school, getting to the gym, chores and time with friends and family, many people find that their own eating schedule is the first thing to go. Late to work? There goes breakfast. Forgot your post-workout smoothie? Hopefully you don’t hit the drive-in. If you’re savvy about fitness, chances are you have tried meal planning and prepping. You might even be inclined to whip up a batch of smoothies to have on hand for busy mornings and post-workout recovery. And there is a big chance that you will chuck a scoop of protein powder into your blended concoction. No matter how busy things get, you might be interested to learn that there are some easy and healthy alternatives to protein powder that you can throw in your shake of choice.

Get proactive about new protein sources
According to, ditching the powder means you can try some neat protein sources in your favorite shake. If you and your family love Greek yogurt – it’s full of great healthy bacteria – why not throw some in your next blended treat? It’s light, full of protein and extremely low in sugar and will mix well with just about anything. Not a yogurt fan? The news provider further suggests throwing in some cannellini beans, berries, almonds and oats for a great breakfast or meal on the go.

Beans Рhowever mild Рin a smoothie may not be appealing to everyone. The team over at Prevention magazine has some different ideas. Cottage cheese is a mild, easily blended protein source that will thicken up smoothies and satisfy an appetite. For those who may be lactose intolerant or are vegan, almonds and hemp seeds can be whipped into blended post-workout fuel for a raw, nutty flavor. The news provider also suggests that protein in the form of silken tofu Рthe super light and slippery variety Рcan amp up any smoothie, without adding a funky taste. And if avocados are more your thing, they have 2.3 grams of protein in a half cup Рand will mix up well.

Believe or not, you can add beans to your smoothie!

Nut butters are often overlooked as smoothie ingredients as many people might think they belong on sandwiches and not in a drink. However, both almond and peanut butter add a thickness and a richness to any smoothie, plus some extra protein. SELF magazine presents a few powder-free smoothies, including a banana green smoothie with almond butter, kale, vanilla, almond milk, yogurt and bananas with the bonus tip that they ingredients can be frozen – sans almond milk – for early morning blending.

For the adventurous smoothie-drinker, chia seeds are a protein-heavy ingredient that can either be whipped up into the smoothie, or added after for a bubble tea-like consistency. The news provider offers up a recipe involving raspberry, almonds and chia seeds for the uninitiated – or the curious.

With a bit of creativity and faith in your blender, smoothies no longer have to have the chalky consistency that protein powder sometimes provides. And if you prep your smoothie mixes ahead of time, you will have a great post-workout, pre-busy day, anytime healthy meal.

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