The Real Deal With Whole30

We know that too much sugar is not good for our diets: It causes our skin to break out, makes us feel sluggish and can contribute to weight gain. There have been more food trends that have strived to help shoppers ditch sugar. The most recent one to gain popularity is Whole30. This was started back in 2009 by Melissa Hartwig, who has a background in sports fitness. When her cookbook came out in 2015, it inspired many Instagram followers to cut out sugar from their diets. Several large chains like Sweetgreen and Chipotle have joined the Whole30 hype, listing which of their dishes are Whole30-compliant.

What is Whole30?

Whole30 is meant to be a lifestyle switch, to help individuals kick their sugar habit. Hartwig noted that participants should also cut out dairy, legumes, alcohol, grains and monosodium glutamate. Why? According to The Daily Burn, it’s to minimize the food items that can increase inflammation in your body. Dairy is one the main culprits, the article noted, because of the high levels of saturated fat.

Hartwig suggested going cold turkey on all of these foods for a full month to help your body reset. She recommended adding more of fruits, vegetables, protein and “good fats” found in foods like nuts. There has been plenty of research to suggest that eating fruit – which has fiber in addition to naturally-occurring sugar- doesn’t cause sugar crashes and offers antioxidants that keep our skin glowing.

Should I do it?

Sometimes it feels like we’re eating food-like products – like energy bars that don’t have any whole ingredients or meat substitutes. As a result, our energy levels can sink and it can be hard to focus at work. As The New York Times reported, cutting down on your sugar intake will do wonders for your health. And boosting your greens intake will help increase your overall nutrient consumption. Whole30 is only one way for you to increase the number of whole foods in your diet. U.S. News and World Report ranked Whole30 last in its list of top diets due to the preparation time required for each meal. The diet doesn’t incorporate exercise into its plan either.

The consensus

Stepping away from processed foods is a great idea. And many food bloggers have noted that cutting out sugar has made them feel more energetic during their day. However, this diet cuts out many foods quickly – so you may want to do it in moderation. Turn to social media channels like Instagram for meal inspiration and see what you can create!

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