Outdoor Activities You May Or May Not Have Heard Of

Outdoor Activities You May or May Not Have Heard Of Fit & Fresh BlogThose who managed to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle this winter by frequently visiting the gym may have little trouble transitioning their workouts into the spring. But if you were too busy to stick to such a strict schedule, don’t worry! Warmer weather has arrived and with it comes more opportunities to exercise.
Spring is one of the best seasons to get back into a more active lifestyle. The days are longer, flowers are in bloom and it boasts the perfect temperatures – not too hot or cold. Plus, research shows that sunlight has a direct impact on mental health and can boost your mood! Embrace the season by planning some exercises that’ll keep you healthy and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors.

Recognize the opportunities
Whether you want to venture out alone, enlist a friend or exercise with family, you have many exercises that you can take up. Return to old favorites or explore new ones.
If you’re exercising with others, figure out which activities interest everyone the most. There are possibilities that you and your partner may want to explore different sports. In this case, compromise by agreeing to try out each other’s preferences. You never know – you may discover a new favorite sport!
Not sure where to begin or what to consider? Here’s a list of outdoor activities to think about.

      1. Walking/jogging/running: This everyday activity is much more enjoyable when you’re not in a rush to get from point A to point B. Before you brush it off as a potentially boring activity, consider this – there are simulation apps featuring spies and zombies. Who says that you have to limit your exercise to the real world? This can be an especially exciting change for kids.
      2. Biking: This is a great way to travel. You can carry more weight than if you were walking and you’ll get to your destination faster. Depending on the terrain and your personal preferences, you can use a mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike or others. Take a day trip and have a family picnic on the beach or at a national park. Look for nearby bike trails where everyone can learn about the beauties of Mother Nature. If you’re tired of traditional bikes, look into hand bikes.
      3. Roller skiing: If you love skiing, you’re no stranger to the sport of roller skiing. Just because the snow has melted doesn’t mean you have to let your skills get rusty. Practice the same movements during the spring with roller skis. This way, you’ll build arm and leg muscles with a single sport, which is great for a healthy lifestyle.
      4. Underwater hockey: It’s exactly what it sounds like. To participate in this sport, you’ll have to look for a local aquatic facility that hosts such games. You’ll likely have to invest in snorkeling gear and a specialized shortened hockey stick. It’ll take some training before you become a pro, but it’ll certainly teach you some new coordination skills.
      5. Skim boarding: Living near the beach has many perks, but if you live in a region that doesn’t have many waves, your surfing dreams may be put on hold. It doesn’t mean you have to avoid putting a board on the water altogether, though. According to SkimOnline, skimboards are made of fiberglass or carbon fiber and have foam cores. They can be used at the water’s edge or further into the ocean, once you master the sport.

Spring is the perfect time to explore new activities. There are many exciting sports available, and you may just find one that you’ll end up loving. Plan ahead and sign up for sessions that require training to ensure that you’ll be able to try out every activity you’re interested in.


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