Make Healthy Eating Habits Fun & Tasty

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for adults, but for kids who aren’t as knowledgeable about nutrition benefits, it can be confusing. That’s where you step in and lead by example.
Encouraging healthy eating habits is a multifaceted procedure that requires creativity and patience. The latter can be especially important when working with picky eaters. It can be a matter of finding the right food items or approaching them from a different culinary standpoint.
Figure out what they like
The first step may just be the most difficult – finding the healthy foods that they love. Some kids love fruits and veggies, and others don’t. There’s bound to be some nutritious food that your children enjoy. If you’re having trouble figuring out what these items are, you may have to expand your options. In instances where the young ones won’t eat any of the usual healthy foods, from apples to spinach, it might be time to drop by an ethnic market. Perhaps they’ll fall in love with plantains or kumquats. You never know until you try.
Don’t let it get boring
If it’s taken you a while to find the nutritious foods that your kids love, it can be tempting to serve the same food in the same way daily. However, taking some extra time during meal preparation can keep the food interesting and tasty, ensuring that your kids won’t get bored with it. Instead of slipping apple slices into their lunch bags every day, make your own apple sauce by pureeing it, or get some dried apple chips to give the healthy snacks a different consistency¬†while boasting the same great flavor.
Pay attention to size
Regardless of how nutritious foods may be, it’s important to remember the age-old adage, “everything in moderation.” As such, you should practice portion control. Refrain from letting your kids eat too much of one thing. Their meals should be part of a well-balanced diet that includes a little of every essential nutrient, from protein to vitamins.
Invite the kids to help
Kids love doing adult activities, so invite them into the kitchen to help distribute healthy foods. This way, they’ll learn about the importance of portion control and have a more hands-on mentality with the nutritious fare. Additionally, you can enjoy some great quality time with the little ones.

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