Healthy Snacking Tips For Kids

A great way to encourage healthy eating habits for the kids is to pack their lunch bags with nutritious snacks. But before you head out to the grocery store, you should know what sorts of foods to look for.

Giving your kids nutrient-rich snacks doesn’t have to mean simply slipping an apple into their lunch coolers. In fact, taking the extra step to make the food fun and tasty will make the food more interesting, leading the young ones to want and enjoy the items.

Pack in produce
Fresh fruits and vegetables are very healthy snacks. Not only are they packed with vitamins and nutrients, they’re also delicious. Though you can easily pack an apple or orange into your kids’ lunches, you can make the snacks more interesting by expanding the variety. Cut up different fruits and create a delicious salad that kids won’t be able to resist picking at. If the variety of colors and great taste aren’t enough for your children, take out the cookie cutters. Rather than do this yourself, include the little ones in the activity. Associating healthy foods with fun will establish a positive correlation in your young ones’ minds.

Deal with dairy
Make sure your kids take in plenty of calcium by putting cheese in their snacks. There are so many varieties that there’s bound to be several that your children will love. Refrain from buying the same type all the time to keep them interested. This is also a great complement to fruits, since it balances out the sweet and tartness with its saltiness. You can also use cookie cutters on many types of cheese.

Snack at home
Kids will want to and need to snack at home, whether it’s on the weekends or when they come home from school. Help your children stave off hunger and stay healthy with creative and tasty foods, such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made with rice cakes or banana bread with some zucchini mixed in. Baked goods can be a great vessel for vegetables that the kids avoid, thanks to their mild flavor.

Liquefy the fruits
Smoothies are easy to make and even easier to add nutrients to. Pick a handful of fresh fruits that your kids love. You can look up recipes or try out your own. These fun and colorful snacks will help the kids stay cool in the summer, while packing plenty of vitamins and other nutrients into one great drink.

Concoct some trail mix
Store-bought trail mix may be a tempting alternative, but these prepared snacks might pack preservatives and other additives. Create your own unique trail mix that your kids will love by using foods that they love, whether it’s oats, peanuts or raisins. In fact, making your own trail mix tailored to your family’s preferences will ensure that the entire mix is eaten, and you’re not left with a bag of ingredients that no one wants, cutting down on waste and boosting health.

Bake healthier cookies
Oats can be easily worked into many cookie recipes and provide an extra texture that can enhance the sweets. Take your kids’ favorite cookies and take a day to rework the recipe, using healthier ingredients by cutting down on the sugar, adding oats and using margarine instead of butter. Be sure to include the young ones on this activity, since they’ll love shaping the dough and eating their creations.

Encouraging your children to snack healthier won’t be difficult if you know their preferences and make the snacks fun, whether that means creating the foods together or making them into fun shapes. Preparation and a positive outlook will help your family snack healthier and live more happily.

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