Guide To A Healthy Diet For The New Year

A new year is the perfect reason to revisit your eating habits. We often lose track of our healthy ways during the holidays, indulging in one too many cookies, bread rolls and sweet drinks. Instead of wasting time feeling guilty, focus your attentions on starting the new year with a fresh plan.

Stay hydrated
Even when you think you’ve had enough, always drink more water! A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that those who drink more water than other beverages have healthier diets. Keep a water bottle with you so you can drink on your commute and throughout the day. Plus, you can make it a tad more exciting by preparing infused waters. These recipes from Health not only add flavor, but also extra vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Try one of these delicious combinations:

  • Kiwi, strawberry, jalapeno
  • Cucumber, pomegranate, mint
  • Ginger, raspberry, coconut
  • Basil, blueberry, lime
  • Pear, cinnamon, ginger

Prep a pitcher on Sunday, and fill your bottle with deliciously infused water before you leave the house. Challenge yourself to refill the bottle at least three times a day to make sure you’re drinking enough before you get home.

These nutrient-rich foods are great for your health and well-being. PopSugar highlighted the best superfoods to keep in your kitchen, including moringa powder, avocado oil, elderflower, pink pineapples, baobab, cricket flour, peas, berries, hemp, mushrooms and watermelon seeds. While kale, quinoa and coconut oil are still fabulous, Healthline also suggested a refresh of superfoods in the new year. Moringa is the new supergreen, with plenty of vitamin C, calcium, potassium and amino acids. Try nut oils and cassava flour in your cooking, and drink probiotic waters when you’re on-the-go.

Fight fat
Lose the extra pounds you accidentally gained over the holidays with foods that fight fat. The trick is to go for healthy ingredients that will keep you full and less likely to snack on unhealthy foods throughout the day. Additionally, foods that kick-start your metabolism will help you burn calories. For these reasons, berries, eggs, Greek yogurt, green and oolong tea and pistachios should be staples in your diet. Just remember to consume them in moderation! On a typical day, eggs or oatmeal are a great, protein-packed breakfast. For lunch, go for sushi or peanut butter toast. Stock up on energy bars, carrots, soy chips, hummus and dried fruit for healthy snacking. Choose recipes with shrimp, poached chicken or sweet potatoes for dinner. When your sweet tooth is nagging you, go for baked apples or berries with angel food cake.

Healthy trends
Each year, Whole Foods releases its predictions for the top food trends. Expect to see a lot of floral flavors, mushrooms and root-to-stem recipes. Other foods to try include super powders for an energy boost in coffee, smoothies, soups and baked goods. Science will take the plant-based diets to a new level, with new varieties of milks and yogurt made from nuts and dairy-free sweets. Avoid chips with trendy puff and popped snacks, which are usually much healthier. Think rice chips, lentil crisps and quinoa puffs. You’ll also notice a greater selection of flavored sparkling waters. Use these food trends when you’re cooking at home with these recipe ideas from One Green Planet.

Meal planning
You’ll always eat healthier when you take the time to consciously meal prep. Be mindful of these trends and fat-fighting foods when you’re planning your meals for the week. Use portion-control containers to stay on track with your mindful eating goals.

Good luck! You and your family will fall back into a healthy lifestyle in no time.

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