Great Icebreakers For Your Next Party

Everyone’s experienced the awkwardness of a social gathering where partygoers aren’t familiar with one another. Though the weather and your meal preparation provide tried-and-tested grounds for conversation, some friends may need more encouragement. Worry no longer, because here are some tips on icebreakers for your next party!

    • Discuss trips: People magazine suggested giving everyone nametags and asking them to write down the farthest destination they’ve ever traveled. Strangers might find that they’ve both vacationed in the same hotel, or may be drawn to someone out of a lifelong dream of visiting a certain location. This way, people aren’t pressured to provide fun facts about their personal lives. Instead, they can talk at length about their experiences, why they were in a certain city and what they enjoyed about it!
    • Play a social game: “Never Have I Ever” can ease players into the party atmosphere. Participants put up 10 fingers and each person lists something that he or she has never done. If others have experience with this activity, such as getting trapped in an elevator or pushing a pull door, they put one finger down until someone has all 10 fingers down. This way, everyone will learn fun facts and experiences about others, giving partygoers plenty to talk about once the game ends.
    • Set up a gauntlet: Place a simple game that partygoers have to partake in before entering the party. This can be a ring toss or a Jenga tower. Everyone will be exposed to fun as soon as they enter, and those who get stuck will likely receive assistance from strangers. It encourages interaction through fun.
    • Leave it to chance: Spruce Grove’s block party page suggested handing out a coin to every guest. Everyone will have to look at the year and let the others know what they were doing during that time.
    • Encourage sneakiness: Kelula’s Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids provided a game that adults will enjoy, too. Hand out a sheet of stickers to guests and tell them that the sheet has to be blank by the end of the night. The challenge will be getting rid of them – stickers have to be put on other partygoers. If they’re caught in the act, they have to take the sticker back and try again. At the end of the event, everyone can count their stickers and discuss their tactics!

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