Food Books To Make Your Mouth Water

Food Books that will make your mouth water - Fit & Fresh BlogWarm, sunny weekdays will tempt you to take your lunch away from your desk and relax outside with your latest salad creation. Why not escape into the pages of a book as you doze in the sun? Food writing has exploded in popularity – in part, because it covers so many topics. It can range from issues of sustainability to the history of Marshmallow Fluff. Need a tasty recommendation? Check out the list below for top food books that will make your mouth water:

Bread & Butter by Michelle Widgen
Have you ever wondered what it takes to open a restaurant? This novel follows three brothers who work in the food business as they move into their old neighborhood in Pennsylvania. The youngest brother, eager to step out from his restaurant-owning brother’s shadow, makes plans to open a new, edgy eatery. He steals the pastry chef from his brother’s restaurant and gets to work to develop a menu that will wow guests. Their rivalry builds as the younger brother whips up savory dishes with lamb and decadent desserts that will make you eager to reach for a fork. This book also provides snapshots of the relationship between the front of house and back of house staff as they gather for family meals before every shift.

Chocolate Wars by Deborah Cadbury
Got a craving for something sweet? Take a bite out of this well-researched account of the chocolate wars that broke out among the most popular chocolatiers in England, Europe and the States during the Industrial Revolution. Deborah Cadbury, a descendant of the Cadbury brothers who started the iconic brand, shows how high the stakes were for each creator. Well-known chocolate-makers like Hershey’s and Lindt make appearances as well as names like Fry’s and Rowntree that may not be as familiar to audiences. She takes the brands up to the late 2000s with the sale of Cadbury to Kraft.

Escape into another world with a good book – just be sure to bring an appetite!

The Arrangement by Ashley Warlick
This historical fiction novel shows the rise of food writer M.F.K. Fisher during the 1930s. Intertwined with her burgeoning career as writer is her love affair with family friend, Tim Parrish. Ashley Warlick shows how Fisher’s stories about her escapades through restaurants and around the dinner table are about fresh, delicious ingredients as well as the people you share them with.

Prune by Gabrielle Hamilton
Use your lunch hour to find inspiration for dinner tonight! Prune, the cookbook from Gabrielle Hamilton, who owns a New York restaurant of the same name, is built like a real cookbook: Her handwritten notes fill the margins of the pages and would-be stains linger on the edges. Flip through pages of gorgeous photography with succulent chicken, plump apricots and bright green veggies. You can go behind the scenes with this cookbook, as Hamilton shows you what life is like in a high-profile Manhattan restaurant.

There is so much to love about food writing: It can open your mind to new dishes and help you bring your loved ones together. So pop open your Fit & Fresh container, crack open the spine of one of these books and enjoy!

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