Create A Unique Party Environment With These Decorating Tips

Everyone wants his or her party to stand out, and though this can be done through creative meal preparation or a fun theme, decor sets the environment and has a strong influence on the atmosphere. Here are some ideas on how to skip the store-bought goods and craft your own unique and engaging decor.

Make a photo documentary
Capture the best moments of the party by featuring a table with Polaroid cameras and film. These instant devices have been making a comeback, so embrace the trend. Chances are, you remember taking these photos and shaking them to reveal the images. Revisit these memories with friends and encourage short, fun messages with permanent markers that you can keep on the table. You can even purchase pocket-sized markers that partygoers can carry around.

Make the images available for all to see by hanging a length of yarn or string and attaching both ends to the ceiling. Place clothes pins along the line so everyone can clip up the photos. Use a variety of colors with the markers, string and clothes pins to brighten the surroundings. Keep the palette in line with the theme, if there is one!

Offer unique glasses
Disposable cups are a staple of any party – but why feature such uniform vessels for your one-of-a-kind guests? If you’ve got many types of cups, put out one of each to ensure that guests won’t have to worry about mixing up glasses.

Brit Media had a great take on mason jars, which involved theĀ unconventional use of balloons. Purchase a pack of balloons in a variety of colors and snip off roughly 1/4 inch off the top of the balloon, then cut the skinny piece off. Roll the sleeve over the bottom of the mason jar and voila – instant color and customization for each guest! Look for non-latex balloons to ensure that those with allergies are able to participate in the fun.

Keep the party going
Get a bag of plastic figurines that fit with the theme, whether it’s animals or soldiers, and place them in a bowl at the door. Invite guests to take a handful and leave them around the rooms as they socialize. After the party ends, invite everyone to an online group discussion either through email or social media to discuss your findings, which are bound to last for days. Participants will revel in one another’s creativity and enjoy taking credit for fun placements. Think about buying animal cocktail hangers to give partygoers even more unique settings to place their plastic toys on!

Light it up
If you’re hosting a nighttime party, there’s no better time to take advantage of the fun of glow sticks. Throw a few into the ice bucket where the drinks are held. If you’re featuring cotton candy, slip a glow stick into each paper cone to give the spun sugar a mesmerizing luminescence.

Have a fun doorway
Don’t leave the threshold out of the decorating! Hang colorful streamers or balloons at varying heights to create an engaging doorway that guests will love going through. You can also make your own hanging swirls by cutting spirals out of colored poster board. Cut out thin, small ones to attach to the awnings.

Provide doggie bags
Chances are, you’ll have lots of leftovers, so find some sealable containers and decorate one for each guest. It’s a great way to show your appreciation for your friends and family members, and these vessels will be items that they can reuse and appreciate for years to come.

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