What Is Clean Eating – And How Do I Start?

What Is Clean Eating & How Do I Start? - Fit & Fresh BlogAs you prep your grocery shopping list for the week, take a look at how many items come in boxes. You may be surprised – and while some boxed products aren’t all bad, many contain additives and chemicals that extend a food’s shelf life from days to weeks. The latest food trend to arise is called clean eating – and it may be worth investigating.

What is clean eating?

Clean eating, as defined by  Good Housekeeping magazine, involves incorporating more “whole” foods into your diet like fruits and vegetables. It offers the benefit of eating foods that are chemical-free and can support other movements, like buying local produce. Clean eating, as a result, requires you to really engage with your food: You have to prepare meals as opposed to simply microwaving something.

Should I do it?

If you are feeling tired and bloated, your diet may be to blame. Including more whole grains, for instance, can help you feel fuller longer and keep your energy levels high. However, buying large amounts of produce can get expensive fast – especially if you’re buying for multiple people in your household. Add to that, unused fruit can ripen too quickly and land in the garbage. The key is to add clean eating guidelines into your diet gradually.

Look for places in your day where you can adopt clean eating: Add a homemade smoothie into your morning routine or swap out soda for coconut water for an extra boost of electrolytes and hydration. Try to cut out processed sugar products and look for all-natural alternatives.

You can also experiment with different spices and flavorings, like turmeric or curry powder in your salads and stir frys. Clean eating is full of possibilities when it comes to creating tasty lunches for work that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Everything in moderation

There has been some controversy over clean eating and its growing popularity on social media. A big part of any successful diet – and lifestyle – accounts for balance. While it’s important to incorporate good-for-you foods in your day, you should also be able to nosh on snacks without feeling guilty. As the Good Housekeeping article noted, clean eating can make individuals strive to eat clean all of the time and feel guilty if they stray. Make sure to enjoy a few squares of dark chocolate or a cookie at the next work party.

Lifestyle changes aren’t just about your diet – they also include staying active. Transform that food into energy: Get involved in a group activity like salsa dancing or join a spin class. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can help you keep your health goals on track.

If you are looking to eat more greens this year, feel free to borrow clean eating mantras. Check out an array of recipes on social media sites like Instagram to get you started – and get your week of work lunches off to a tasty start. Be sure to stow your meals in these Fit & Fresh containers, so you’re prepared no matter where you go.

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