What Are Electrolytes?

Back-to-school season is upon us, and with it comes the start of many schools’ sports seasons. If your children are athletes, you may be wondering the best ways to keep them healthy while they’re out on the field, track, court or diamond. Healthy eating is certainly a factor that will affect your kids’ energy levels, but healthy drinking is important too. Staying hydrated and avoiding electrolyte imbalances are crucial to fit living. Here’s what you Continue reading What Are Electrolytes?

What To Eat After A Workout

Diet and exercise are two crucial aspects of fit living, so it’s understandable that they’re closely related. What you eat impacts how effectively your body handles exercise, and how you exercise affects what your body does with the nutrients it gets from food. Therefore, it’s important to consider how your meals and snacks are enhancing your workout routine. What you eat before a workout to prepare yourself for activity is worth planning, but so is what you Continue reading What To Eat After A Workout

Are You Making These Protein Mistakes In Your Diet?

You know protein is essential to growth, development and repairing and synthesizing cells. It is, after all, a building block of life itself, so it goes without saying that protein is a key aspect of healthy eating. Getting the protein you need every day is important, but so is making sure that you’re doing it right. If you’re relying on the same old grilled chicken or think a fruit smoothie with a scoop of protein Continue reading Are You Making These Protein Mistakes In Your Diet?

How To Tackle Your First Spinning Class

Going to a spinning class can be overwhelming. If you don’t know what to expect, you might have a tough time clipping into your indoor-cycling bike or keeping pace with your fellow workout buddies. Here’s the scoop on surviving and thriving during your first spinning class. What to bring  Don’t feel as if you have to wear bike shorts. In fact, most people sport stylish and conservative fashion choices similar to what you’d see in Continue reading How To Tackle Your First Spinning Class

What To Eat Before A Workout?

Exercise is a crucial aspect of fit living, and so is proper nutrition. It makes sense, then, that exercise and nutrition directly affect each other. What you eat before and after you exercise affects how your workout will pan out and how many benefits you’ll gain from it. But you can’t just choose any type of healthy food and expect it to help your efforts. Certain foods are better than others before a workout when Continue reading What To Eat Before A Workout?

Are You Taking Full Advantage Of Your Lunch Break?

Take a minute to think about your typical lunch break at work. Chances are, you pack foods for healthy eating in your lunch bag and chow down sitting at your desk while you check emails, answer phone calls and work on projects. That’s what most Americans do, at least. According to Right Management, only 1 in 5 American workers step away from their desks to have lunch. This is bad news considering research has shown that Continue reading Are You Taking Full Advantage Of Your Lunch Break?

Consider Tai Chi For Your Springtime Exercise

With springtime around the corner, there’s a lot to look forward to because of the warmer weather. The days are getting longer, so there will be more sunlight so soak up. You’ll no longer have to dig your car out of the snow. There will be flowers and other plants to enjoy. And, if you’re a baseball fan, major league teams are getting ready at training camp. Furthermore, if one of your resolutions for 2015 Continue reading Consider Tai Chi For Your Springtime Exercise

Prevent Snow Shoveling Injuries

Even after the holidays, households across the U.S. can enjoy the “winter wonderland” that comes with snowy weather. Kids pray for school closures. Photographers marvel at the natural scenery. Couples snuggle up by the fireplace with cups of hot cocoa. Overall, the snow transforms the land into a magical place. However, the novelty and enchantment can soon fade away when it’s time to commute. Not only is the weather harsh and bitter, but the snow and Continue reading Prevent Snow Shoveling Injuries

10 Ways To Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder With Indoor Exercise

Now that winter is setting upon the U.S., colder weather is probably going to keep you indoors a lot more. Not only does this mean that jogs around the park and trips to the local outdoor pool are probably out of the question, it also means that you’ll be seeing a lot less of the sun, which can be unhealthy. We’re not talking about losing your tan. We’re talking about winter-related seasonal affective disorder. Doctors Continue reading 10 Ways To Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder With Indoor Exercise

Exercise Indoors This Winter With Yoga Poses

In the dead of winter, you’re faced with a dilemma. After enjoying all the holiday culinary indulgences – turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, eggnog, pie – you realize you need to take up an exercise regimen to trim your physique and stay in shape. The problem? The cold weather makes it hard to get to the gym, let alone the park, for a few laps of jogging. Your best bet is to exercise indoors, Continue reading Exercise Indoors This Winter With Yoga Poses

7 Tips For Exercising In Cold Weather

Rich and warm comfort food is one of the biggest perks of the holiday season. Like many American households, your dining room table is bound to serve turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, ham, stuffing, pumpkin pie, eggnog and other treats. But while holiday food is something to look forward to, an expanding waistline is not. This is all the more reason not to give up your workout routine this time of the year.However, cold weather poses an Continue reading 7 Tips For Exercising In Cold Weather

Tips For Finding The Perfect Workout

Every person is unique, so it stands to reason that there is no one-size-fits-all workout. Countless exercise programs, classes and other fitness options are available, but with so many choices it can be tough to figure out which you’d enjoy. Since getting regular exercise is key to maintaining good health and staving off illness, you don’t want to enroll in a class that you’ll wind up despising and skipping. If you find something you enjoy, you’re far Continue reading Tips For Finding The Perfect Workout

5 Hand Exercises To Prevent And Reduce Strain

5 Hand Exercises to Prevent and Reduce Strain Fit & Fresh Blog

Whether you’re typing up reports in an office all day or working on an assembly line in a factory, you run the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome in any job where you use your hands. The condition, caused when the median nerve is pinched or otherwise compressed, affects the hand and arm and can cause numbness, tingling and shooting pains, among other symptoms, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Carpal tunnel syndrome can Continue reading 5 Hand Exercises To Prevent And Reduce Strain