The Beginner’s Guide To Foods For Weight Loss

If you’re determined to shed some pounds this year, you’ll want to start following a healthy, mindful diet. Even little changes in your routine will make a difference, such as making an effort to plan your lunches for the week and packing them in portion control meal prep containers instead of buying a quick, not-so-healthy midday meal. Cutting out sugary foods and cooking at home more regularly will also help you lose weight. Incorporate these Continue reading The Beginner’s Guide To Foods For Weight Loss

Making Time For Breakfast On Busy Mornings

You hit snooze a few too many times and as you’re rushing out the door, you totally forget about eating breakfast. If you’re lucky, you pick up a granola bar or banana to keep you going. As precious as those few extra minutes of sleep are, eating breakfast is an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle. We all know breakfast is supposedly the most important meal of the day, but why? Aside from giving Continue reading Making Time For Breakfast On Busy Mornings

Healthy Foods To Warm You Up This Winter

We’re all guilty of falling prey to cold weather temptations. The chilly air and shorter days leave us craving warm, comforting and totally delicious carbs. Then we’re running for the oversized sweaters to cover the food baby bloating. However, there’s hope for a healthier winter! Avoid the bad carb impulses with these warm, nutritious and fulfilling winter dishes. Replace fettuccine Alfredo with veggie noodles This life-changing food innovation is a genius way to enjoy pasta dishes Continue reading Healthy Foods To Warm You Up This Winter

New Year, New Fitness Trends

The start of a new year inspires an endless list of resolutions that often includes living a healthier lifestyle. With that comes working out more, which can be especially hard when it’s freezing outside. It’s also easy to grow bored of performing the same workout routine every day, thus lowering motivation and interest levels even more. If you’re feeling this way, we totally understand. Instead of giving up on your healthy living goals altogether, refresh Continue reading New Year, New Fitness Trends

A Guide To Cooking With The Best Winter Produce

  You might associate the winter months with insane amounts of potatoes and onions, but there is actually a wider selection of healthy fruits and vegetables available. With a little prep, you can take advantage of the season’s freshest produce, allowing you and your family to indulge in highly nutritious and ridiculously delicious meals all winter long. Look out for these fruits and veggies on your next grocery shopping trip: Citrus Packed with vitamin C and healthy Continue reading A Guide To Cooking With The Best Winter Produce

How To Encourage Family Fitness

With jam-packed schedules day after day, an hour at the gym gets pushed farther down the to-do list, seemingly impossible to check off. It’s easier to get moving when you know you’re not sacrificing other important activities, so the trick is to combine quality family time with staying active. Encourage family fitness routines and get in on the kids’ game of tag to get your heart rate pumping. Plus, you’ll grant yourselves more time together. Continue reading How To Encourage Family Fitness

3 Quick Workouts For Busy Moms

The kids made it to school, you led a fabulous meeting at work and dinner was so tasty, no one guessed it was healthy. Now you want nothing more than your bed. Adding a trip to the gym to your busy schedule seems utterly impossible. Maybe, but staying fit isn’t. A study published in PLOS ONE found short, 10-minute routines including just one minute of high-intensity activity can be just as beneficial as longer workouts. Continue reading 3 Quick Workouts For Busy Moms

7 Fun Fitness Trends To Try

Exercise is an essential habit to a healthy lifestyle, but let’s face it – the same old routine can get pretty boring. If you’re tired of going to the gym and jogging on the treadmill, it’s time to try one of these fun new fitness trends. You’ll fall back in love with working out in no time. Exercise shouldn’t be a snore. Switch things up and try one of these routines: Switch Playground According to Self Continue reading 7 Fun Fitness Trends To Try

3 Ways To Live Healthier This Fall

Fall – the season of brisk, chilly days and turning leaves. Why not let the changes of the season inspire you to make some changes in your own life? If you’ve been thinking about having a healthier lifestyle, now’s a great time to to make some adjustments. The development of better habits now also likely means you’ll be better able to resist unhealthy temptations later this year during the winter holidays. Don’t wait to get Continue reading 3 Ways To Live Healthier This Fall

Shake Up Your Smoothie, Powder-Free

Life can get crazy at times! Between work, kids, school, getting to the gym, chores and time with friends and family, many people find that their own eating schedule is the first thing to go. Late to work? There goes breakfast. Forgot your post-workout smoothie? Hopefully you don’t hit the drive-in. If you’re savvy about fitness, chances are you have tried meal planning and prepping. You might even be inclined to whip up a batch Continue reading Shake Up Your Smoothie, Powder-Free

Summer Snacks To Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Bright sunlight streaming through your office windows can make you long to run outside, kick off your shoes and act like a kid again – namely one without a to-do list. While that may not be possible, you can bring snacks with you that leave you feeling energized while still tapping into your inner kid. Did your favorite make the list? Apple and peanut butter Instead, dip a few slices of crisp apples – Granny Smith Continue reading Summer Snacks To Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Why Is Summer Prime Lobster Season?

With the rise of summer, comes the popularity of seafood. And nothing says summer – especially if you live near the coast or the beach – like a lobster roll. How did lobster come to represent summer? And more importantly: What’s the best way to eat it without getting it all over your shirt? The history of lobster Nowadays, tourists flock to coastal towns and chow down on lobster rolls. Such was the case in the Continue reading Why Is Summer Prime Lobster Season?

Wine: The Good, The Bad, And The Delicious

Wine Fit Fresh Blog

Summer usually means a slew of parties. A trendy way to impress guests is to use wine as the base of a refreshing drink. What type of wine do you usually reach for? Many recipes take advantage of the popularity of rosé wine – which typically doesn’t linger long past fall. Other partygoers know that the only way to enjoy summer is with a chilled glass of pinot grigio or chardonnay in hand. One of the great aspects of wine Continue reading Wine: The Good, The Bad, And The Delicious