Not All Fat Is Bad! (Good Fat vs Bad Fat)

We’ve been conditioned to associate the word “fat” with “unhealthy”. We’re on such a fat-free or low-fat craze, influenced to buy any label that showcases these terms. We build diets around them. We can be tempted into overeating, simply because it’s “fat-free” or “low fat”. At the risk of being the bearer of bad news, this is one of the greatest nutrition misconceptions. It must be emphasized that when something comes out, something must go Continue reading Not All Fat Is Bad! (Good Fat vs Bad Fat)

Difference Between Complex Carbs and Simple Carbs

There’s a lot of debate around carbohydrates these days. Are they good, or are they bad? What are examples of complex carbs and simple carbs? Why are we made to fear carbs? Aren’t they a great energy source? Yes, they absolutely are. But before you go loading up on bread and pasta, you must understand that not all carbs are the same. Have you heard that there are “good fats” and “bad fats?” Well, there are Continue reading Difference Between Complex Carbs and Simple Carbs

3 Seasonal Salads To Bring To Work

Sometimes, a fresh and colorful lunch can brighten up an otherwise drab workday. With just a little prep the night before, you can pack delicious salads in your Fit & Fresh containers to enjoy on your lunch break the next day. Why not switch up your salad game by incorporating seasonal ingredients? Here a few tasty ideas: Pomegranate, walnut and goat cheese salad  Pomegranates are in season right now, which means you should grab every chance Continue reading 3 Seasonal Salads To Bring To Work

Juicing vs Blending – Which Is Better?

For busy parents, it can be hard to have your kids get all the fruits and vegetables they need in a day to stay healthy. Juicing – which in recent years has skyrocketed in popularity – seems to be a promising solution: A homemade juice made with fresh produce is versatile and can pack up to 1 cup of mango, kale, spinach and apple each – along with other healthy ingredients like ginger or lemon. For Continue reading Juicing vs Blending – Which Is Better?

Healthy Substitutions For Your Favorite Cookies

Ahhh, the holidays: It’s the most wonderful time of the year, full of cookie platters and get-togethers. And we all know that those desserts taste divine thanks to heaping amounts of butter, flour and sugar. It’s hard for moms to keep their kids healthy through the holiday season when they’re surrounded by snacks. But what if you could offer those same cookies and brownies to your kids knowing they were chock-full of good ingredients? Check out Continue reading Healthy Substitutions For Your Favorite Cookies

2 Tasty Skillet Dinners You Can Enjoy All Week

Skillet Dinner

A skillet dinner is an easy mealtime solution for busy weeks. With just one pan, you can create a variety of balanced and delicious dinners in minimal time. And with just one large skillet dinner, you can have enough food leftover to pack a few work lunches in your favorite Fit & Fresh containers. Start enjoying more of these one-pan wonders with the skillet dinner recipes below: Skillet Shrimp and Asparagus Shrimp is loaded with Continue reading 2 Tasty Skillet Dinners You Can Enjoy All Week

5 Healthier Alternatives To Beef Burgers

The hamburger – it’s an iconic American dish. Juicy and delicious, a freshly made burger is hard to resist – but it might be a little easier to once you know what may be lurking inside. Whether ordered at a dine-in restaurant or drive-thru, burgers can have a host of unhealthy characteristics, according to Everyday Health. Some burgers can contain up to 50 grams of fat, including harmful trans fat, as well as more than Continue reading 5 Healthier Alternatives To Beef Burgers

4 Healthy Mayo Alternatives

When you think of a turkey sandwich or a pasta salad, you probably think of mayonnaise – but you probably don’t think of the toll it might be taking on your diet. Adding just the extra touch of flavor a dish needs, mayo may seem innocent enough, but it’s actually loaded with not-so-good-for-you ingredients. One cup of mayonnaise has a whopping 1,440 calories, 160 grams of fat and 24 grams of saturated fat, along with nearly Continue reading 4 Healthy Mayo Alternatives

4 Ways To Avoid Using Pasta And Starches

Digging into a big bowl of pasta or a loaded baked potato tastes great in the moment, but doesn’t feel so wonderful after, especially when you consider all the empty calories you just consumed. As good as carbohydrates and starches taste, they’re not always the best option for a light and fresh diet because they contain a very low level of nutrients. Luckily, there are many ways you can avoid using pasta and starches without sacrificing Continue reading 4 Ways To Avoid Using Pasta And Starches

3 Creative Sandwich Ideas To Bring To Work

3 creative sandwich recipes

If your desk lunch consists of a bag of chips and an apple, it’s time to switch things up. Not only does that meal – if you can call it that – do nothing to brighten up your day, it also won’t give you the fuel you need to help you overcome that 3 p.m. energy slump – not to mention won’t help you keep on track with your diet goals. We believe all lunch breaks Continue reading 3 Creative Sandwich Ideas To Bring To Work

Ideas For Using Fresh Herbs In Cooking

Fresh herbs are a wonderfully easy way to add extra flavor and dimension to a variety of meals. They can jazz up a basic dish or highlight specific ingredients. Fresh herbs should also be a kitchen staple because of their health benefits. Instead of using heavy dressings or sauces to spice up foods, you can use herbs to add flavor without the extra calories. Individual herbs also have their own unique benefits. For example, basil may Continue reading Ideas For Using Fresh Herbs In Cooking

Meal Prep Recipes – Rice Bowls

Rice Bowls

When you have dozens of meetings and projects on your schedule, packing yourself a healthy lunch for work each day is one of the first tasks to be nixed from your to-do list. A little meal prep ahead of time, like making these rice bowls, can save you from a week of unhealthy take-out and sad vending machine lunches. Rice bowls are great lunches to pack ahead of time because they’re simple to assemble and contain Continue reading Meal Prep Recipes – Rice Bowls

How To Make No-Bake Energy Bites

Smart snacking throughout the day can help keep your metabolism up and steer you away from binging on unhealthy snacks when cravings strike. Energy bars are great for this purpose, however, many store-bought varieties are packed with so much sugar that they’re closer to being candy bars than a balanced snack! However, you can create your own energy bars and “bites” that are made with better-for-you ingredients. When you make the snack yourself, you know Continue reading How To Make No-Bake Energy Bites