A Back To School Party Can Get Your Kids Excited To Hit The Books

With September fast approaching, many kids are likely mourning the end of summer and dreading the return of backpacks and pop quizzes. To get your youngsters excited about returning to school, why not host a small get-together with them and all their friends from school? This can be a great way for the kids to remember all the fun they had the previous year while getting ready for the first bell to ring this fall. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a back-to-school theme, but don’t assign any homework and leave the math problems out of the equation.

You can handwrite your invitations on notebook paper, or use sheets of ruled paper in a printer if you’re tech-savvy enough. There are also websites where you can download ruled paper templates that can be printed right onto regular printer paper. Report card-style invites could be cute and appropriate as well. Just make sure to give your party an A+!

Your party can be educational and fun at the same time. Instead of getting regular old beach balls, pick up one or two that resemble globes for a fun alternative. The party store may also sell inflatable pencils and crayons that are sure to be fun for the kids while gently hinting that school is coming. Apples, the alphabet, flash cards with science facts and the like could make for cute decorations that are thematically appropriate. You can probably find a lot of school-related items at local dollar stores this time of year, whether you want things to hang or place on tables.

If you’re wondering what you could possibly serve at a back-to-school party, why not mix up summertime favorites like hot dogs and hamburgers with classic American school lunch items? You could make peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese finger sandwiches, ants on a log (celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins), and mini pizzas. If you can find a store that sells cases of milk or juice cartons, this could be the perfect touch for your party.

Make the most of the warm weather and host a “field day” of outdoor activities. This will give kids the chance to spend one more carefree afternoon running around in the summer sun. You could also set up craft stations where kids can decorate their own “First Day of School” T-shirts. If you’re feeling bold, get a couple of buckets and a tie-dye kit so the shirts will be even more colorful and fun to make. You can also consider having the kids work together to make a gift for their new teacher.

Goodie bags
No party is complete without goodie bags to send home with your guests. You could get some inexpensive pencil cases from a dollar store and load them up with pencils, pens, erasers and art supplies that the kids will be able to use in the classroom. It might be worthwhile to check with the other parents and have everyone chip in to buy an item for the gift bags that the kids will need for the coming year, such as rulers, scissors or glue sticks, so you aren’t breaking the bank for the party.

Summertime send-off
This is also a good way to bring summer to a close in a memorable fashion. Give the kids some glow sticks to keep the party going once the sun goes down. It may be a bit past their bedtime by the time it gets dark, but this will be one of the last chances they have to enjoy the summer, so bending the rules for one night isn’t so bad.

After your party, your kids and their friends might be more excited to get back to the classroom. Reminding them how much fun school can be is a great way to help them shake off those end-of-summer blues.


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