8 Beautiful Breakfast Toasts – Layered to Please!

Breakfast toast has been completely re-vamped and is making a comeback – but you may not even recognize this old-time breakfast staple. Now with avocado, hummus, fresh fruits, and even salmon! Check out 8 of our favorite toast creations straight from Instagram – guaranteed to make you re-think your next breakfast!

1. So many options to choose from!

Ok Monday, let’s do this!

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2. Packed with protein and healthy fats to keep you full all morning

3. Avocado toast taken up a notch!

Avocado Toasts by @secretsquirrelfood

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4. Fresh, fruity & sure to be delicious!

Allll the fresh berries this morning YUM Have a fabulous Thursday, foodie friends!

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5. Go Green! Avocado toast washed down with a green smoothie.

6. Salmon on Toast!? Sign us up!

7. Piled up with protein

8. Get your servings of vegetables in for the day – starting in the AM by adding peas to your toast!

Share your favorite toast topping below in the comments – we’d love to hear how you take your toast!

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