6 Essentials For Your Next Get Together

Anyone who’s ever thrown a party knows how daunting the shopping list can be. From fresh ingredients for meal preparation to chips and dip, it can be easy to overlook items.

But if you stock up your pantry and fridge with goods ahead of time, you’ll have less to carry on the last grocery trip and you won’t have to worry about a lengthy shopping list. Additionally, having these items handy will ensure that you don’t run out of snacks. And, in the event of an unexpected social gathering such as a neighbor dropping by, you’ll have a supply of food items to munch on.

1. Marinated goods
It’s no secret that marinated foods keep well. There are myriad items that will treat your guests’ taste buds, including olives, sun-dried tomatoes and artichokes. The Daily Meal pointed out that such items can even spruce up otherwise basic dips such as hummus.

2. Dried foods
Nuts and dried fruits aren’t just traditional party snacks – they can also promote healthy eating habits. Look for low-sodium mixes that don’t have unnecessary preservatives to give guests good-for-you foods to munch on before the big meal.

3. Crackers
These will stay fresh as long as you don’t open the package or you keep them in airtight sealable containers, and they can be eaten alone or with cheeses, meats, jams or other dips and spreads. It’s a versatile base that diners won’t get enough of. Furthermore, crackers are easy for younger attendees to eat as well. Look for whole-grain varieties to encourage healthier eating.

4. Cheeses
There are many delicious varieties of cheeses, and these can be purchased ahead of time, since they keep well. Stock up on 3 or 4 varieties of cheeses to serve at your next get together.

5. Jams
Break up the overall saltiness of the other snacks with the sweetness and tartness of jams. They go great on crackers or cheese. This way, you can appease sweet tooths and make the snacks more appealing to children.

6. Cured meats
These can be kept in the fridge for a while and may attract many diners. There are varieties that don’t need to be refrigerated, and these can be useful if you have a small fridge. Meat lovers won’t have to wait for the big meal when you’ve got a selection of dried meats on hand.

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