5 Ways To Get Active As A Family

There’s nothing but positives when it comes to getting active, especially when you do so as a family. Spring is finally in full swing, which means your kids are probably clamoring to get outside and play, and you can take advantage of the fresh air and exercise as well. Health magazine reported that setting a good example can help your kids develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Engaging in physical activity together with your youngsters can also be a great way to form strong bonds and lasting memories.

1. Go on adventures
Whether you live near a wildlife reserve or know of a really great local park nearby, taking your kids to explore places they’ve never been before can be a great experience for everyone. Take a family hike through the woods and have your youngsters hunt for animal tracks along the way. If you’re planning to stroll along a longer trail, you might want to bring along some healthy snacks like fresh fruit or trail mix that will give your kids a boost of energy.

2. Look into family fitness classes
Group exercise can be a fun experience, especially when you get your kids involved. While a fitness boot camp may not be ideal for a family, other classes such as Zumba and yoga might be perfect. There are yoga classes for people of all ages, making it easy to find an activity that is suitable for your kids. Research the various options in your area to find something you and your kids will all enjoy. If your local gym doesn’t offer family-oriented classes, you can always suggest the idea

3. Group sports
You don’t have to go to a gym to get active as a family. There are plenty of sports perfect for people of all ages. Tossing around a Frisbee after dinner or going bowling on Sunday afternoons can be fun ways to get moving. If your kids are interested in activities that require more people, such as kickball or soccer, consider getting neighborhood families or relatives involved and scheduling weekly games. You can get your kids even more excited to play by letting them design their own team shirts so they can flex their creative muscles, too.

4. Turn work into play
A child who enjoys doing chores is a rare commodity, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Parents magazine suggested making games out of housework. Encourage your kids to use their imaginations and make up their own games and rules. You might be surprised by what they come up with, whether they pretend to be superheroes while making the bed or turn laundry folding into a competition. Playing fun, upbeat music that you and your kids can dance and sing along with will make chores seem much more fun as well.

5. Encourage activity every chance you get
While it’s good to set aside time to play and run around, you should also work physical activity into everyday routines. For instance, taking a walk as a family after dinner every night, even if it’s just around the block, is a great habit for families to have. Even when you’re less active, such as while watching TV, there are ways to get kids’ blood flowing. Have them do different exercises during commercial breaks or make up rules that correlate with their favorite shows. Every time a particular character utters a trademark phrase or a certain song plays, everyone watching the show can get up and do a few jumping jacks or high knees.

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