5 Refreshing Frozen Yogurt Treats For Summer

While ice cream is a classic summertime treat, it’s far from the healthiest choice. Frozen yogurt is a healthier alternative to ice cream, and there are countless recipes for easy, healthy and delectable snacks, beverages and desserts made from regular yogurt that will help you stay cool and satisfied all summer long. Making your own frozen yogurt gives you control over the ingredients, and you won’t have to worry about all the added sugars and chemicals that can be found in store-bought variations. The best part is that these recipes are versatile and can easily be adapted based on the ingredients and tools you have handy.

Here are five fun foods and drinks you can make to beat the summer heat:

1. Dots
Pour your favorite flavor of yogurt into a plastic baggie and snip off one corner. Squeeze small dots onto the wax paper and freeze. Since they’ll be small, it won’t take long to freeze them. Scoop them into a bowl and enjoy your frozen yogurt chips. Don’t worry if this gets a little messy – the dots don’t have to look perfect to taste great! You can make one flavor or use a few different kinds to create unique combinations, such as blackberry and lemon or vanilla and cherry.

2. Fruit cups
For this bite-sized treat, you’ll need raspberries, blackberries or strawberries. Carefully hollow them out and fill each with a dollop of yogurt. Freeze and enjoy. You could also try this with larger fruits, such as peaches and nectarines, for a tasty dessert. While you could more easily dip the fruit in the yogurt and freeze it that way, this keeps your treats from melting and making a huge mess.

3. Nutty, fruity, frozen bark
Place a piece of wax paper on a baking sheet and pour on some yogurt of your choosing. Sprinkle in your favorite ingredients, and pop the tray into the freezer for a couple hours. Once it’s frozen, crack the sheet apart, and you’ll have custom, chilly and creamy frozen yogurt bark. Pistachios and strawberries with lime yogurt could be tasty, or try almonds and honey. Use a different combination every time you make this treat.

4. Orange creamsicle bites

For this treat, adapted from the blog “Cookies and Cups,” you’ll need 1.5 cups of vanilla yogurt and a package of orange-flavored Jello. Mix them together until the powder has fully dissolved. Then you can pour the mixture into a muffin tin, using liners to make it easier to remove and enjoy the treats. You can use this concept to make all sorts of flavor combinations, and if you want to cut down on your sugar intake, just opt for sugar-free Jello and low-fat yogurt.

5. Frozen yogurt shakes
Milkshakes are a summer staple, but all the dairy that goes into them can be a bit heavy and high in calories. Swapping out a few ingredients for healthier options can make all the difference in terms of both caloric content and how refreshing the beverage is. You’ll first need to freeze the yogurt you want to use – vanilla would probably be best for this shake. Pour the yogurt into a mixing bowl, cover with plastic wrap and pop into the freezer for about two hours. Then, remove, beat with a mixer for a few minutes and return to the freezer. Repeat this process a second time to get a smooth consistency. Then, add a few scoops to a blender, along with some cooled coffee and a little chocolate sauce for flavor. Blend until smooth and enjoy.

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