5 Indoor Cardio Workouts To Try As The Weather Cools Down

The weather is cooling down and before you know it you’ll need several layers just to stay warm when you leave the house. This can put a real damper on your exercise routine after being able to jog or bike outside for the past few months. You don’t need a treadmill or warm summer weather to get a good cardio workout, however. There are actually loads of different indoor cardio workouts you can do from the comfort and warmth of your own home – and the close proximity to your shower is a definite perk!

Check out these indoor workout suggestions, which range from casual and fun to intense:

1. Dance
Dancing is a great way to get your heart rate up while also having fun. Put on some of your favorite tunes and move your feet. You can make a playlist that lasts 30 or 60 minutes so you can dance until it’s over without checking the clock. Start with a slower song to ease into it, and then put on a bunch of fast-paced tracks so you’ll be even more inspired to keep moving. Make sure your feet never stay in the same place for too long and keep those arms moving.

2. Clean
Cleaning your house is not necessarily a fun activity, but if you want to kill two birds with one stone, you can really put some elbow grease into it and get a good workout at the same time. Chores like scrubbing the bathtub or vacuuming all the carpets in the house are a great place to start. You can also burn a lot of calories if you take the time to move heavy furniture around so you can get to the dust hiding underneath. A full-tilt clean will leave you sweaty and satisfied, and your home will be sparkling clean so you can relax when you’re done.

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3. Jump around
Jumping jacks and jumping rope are two effective cardio exercises you can do without needing much space. You can try complicated moves with your rope to increase the difficulty level, and there are modifications for jumping jacks as well. Men’s Fitness magazine suggested crossing your arms in front of your chest instead of bringing them overhead, and crossing your legs instead of kicking them out. High knees and jumping squats are great too.

4. Step-up
You can do this exercise on a set of stairs, a chair or even a thick, sturdy book. Simply step up to the higher surface one foot at a time, pause, and then step back down. You can do this exercise while watching TV, and it will get the blood flowing and help you build strength in your legs. If you do have stairs, you could also run up and down them a few times. Real Simple suggested starting out slow, walking all the way up and back down. Then, run up and back, putting weight in your heels rather than the balls of your feet. Increase the intensity of any of these moves by holding weights in either hand.

5. Circuits
Moving through a sequence of exercises will have you working up a sweat in no time. Try to incorporate a variety of moves that will help you work your whole body, such as squats, lunges, high knees, pushups, crunches and jumping jacks. Move through one-minute sets of each, and repeat the circuit two or three times. Make sure to include a warm-up of kinetic stretches like jumping jacks and a static-stretch cool-down.

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