5 Healthy & Delicious Ice Pop Ideas For Hot Summer Days

5 Healthy and Delicious Ice Pop Ideas - Fit & Fresh BlogWhen the sun is blazing down and you just can’t seem to cool off, nothing is more refreshing than an ice-cold frozen pop. Most store-bought options are loaded with sugar and unhealthy ingredients, so you’re probably better off making your own. You’re completely in charge of what goes into your ice pops, so you’ll be able to create a custom taste that suits your palette, and your kids will be sure to love the frozen pops when they feature their favorite flavors too.

What you’ll need
When it comes to what foods you put into your ice pops, the options are pretty limitless. You can choose your favorite fruits, juices, sweet treats like chocolate or sprinkles, and creamy ingredients like yogurt, pudding and Cool Whip. You can even make what Buzzfeed has dubbed “poptails” for adult treats using liquor, Champagne and wine – just make sure to keep them separate from the kids’ frozen pops.

You can purchase ice pop molds and sticks if you want, but this isn’t completely necessary as disposable cups can work just as well. Ice cube trays and mini-muffin tins are perfect for making bite-size treats using toothpicks for handles, and you may already have these supplies on hand. For 100 percent edible ice pops, freeze the ingredients in ice cream cones!

Check out these five fun recipes to get started making your own frozen pops:

1. Berries and cream
Creamy fruit treats can be delightful on a hot day, so mix together some of your favorite berries with a complementary flavor of yogurt. Lemon yogurt would offer a great contrast to blackberries, for instance. You can pop the berries in whole or muddle them for a more blended flavor.

2. Greyhound with a twist
If you want to make a poptail​, the greyhound may be a tasty option. Traditionally made with gin and grapefruit juice, you can add a unique spin to this cocktail recipe by tossing in a spring of fresh rosemary and swirling a bit of honey into the mix. This can be tasty and refreshing without the alcohol, as well.

3. Sweet and spicy
For a unique twist with a real kick of flavor, add some heat to your frozen treat. Care2 suggested blending up some fresh or canned pineapple and mango chunks and stirring in a pinch of minced habañero. You could also try combining lemonade with a splash of Sriracha. The hot chili sauce complements the sweet citrus flavor in a refreshing way that will heat you up while it cools you down.

4. Tea time
Iced tea, no matter which flavor you love, is a classic summertime beverage, so it’s only natural to turn the refreshing drink into a frozen pop! If you like green tea, try blending some matcha powder, honey, ice and non-dairy creamer and freezing up some creamy, refreshing pops. A blend of iced tea and lemonade would make a tasty frozen snack as well. You can try any flavor combination you want to find the best for you. Adding fruit juices to the tea can add a unique twist as well.

5. Savory and salty
Ice pops are typically sweet, but they don’t always have to be. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you can try blending up some veggies and freezing them. Using a juicer or a blender, add your favorites and freeze up the mixture. Bloody marys make great poptails. The Huffington Post recommended freezing pickle juice pops if you crave a briny flavor. The source pointed out that many athletes recharge after a workout by sipping the salty liquid, so why not enjoy an even more refreshing version after your next workout?

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