5 Gifts For The Host Of A Dinner Party

You’ve been invited to yet another dinner party, but before you start reviewing popular wines, consider bringing a gift other than alcohol. For example, you could bring items that encourage healthy eating or ones that hosts can use for other dishes.

Chances are, a number of other guests will be bringing wine, and you don’t want your thoughtful gift to be lost among the bottles. Stand out by looking for an item that’ll speak to your hosts’ interests and lifestyle.

1. Oils
These ingredients are essential to the kitchen, and buying a particularly nice bottle of olive oil can show your appreciation for your hosts’ culinary talents. You can encourage them to explore other dishes by giving them non-traditional oils, such as walnut or hazelnut, as suggested by S. Irene Virgila of the Los Angeles Times. It’s an item that your hosts probably wouldn’t buy for themselves, but will surely appreciate.

2. Himalayan salt
This has been making waves in various areas of the home. These pink rocks can be found in salt grinders, as slabs for oven cooking and even as lamps. The versatility of these crystals means that you’ll have many items to choose from. If you want to break away from kitchen items altogether, a salt lamp is a great way to incorporate culinary themes into other rooms.

3. Breakfast teas
Many of the food gifts that other diners bring will be intended for consumption at some point during the night. If you’ve got no time for meal preparation prior to the gathering but want to provide a food item that the hosts can enjoy on their own time, think about a selection of breakfast teas. This way, they’ll have a dinner party gift to look forward to as soon as they wake up the next day.

4. Gifts for the non-dinner guests
If hosts have children or pets, consider getting gifts for them. You can get the hosts a gift as well, but rest assured that they’ll be getting plenty from other diners. Bringing something for the kids or the dog or cat shows that you’ve got everyone in mind.

5. Take and leave photographs
Memories will be made, so document them with a Polaroid camera. The images will develop instantly and you can leave them behind for the hosts and other guests to enjoy!


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