5 Fun & Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

5 Fun & Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids - Fit & Fresh BlogIt’s no secret that kids prefer candy and potato chips over fruits and veggies, but sometimes it’s all about the presentation! We found these 5 creative snack ideas that will get your kids excited about eating healthier (and will make packing lunch a lot more fun)!

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1. Sandwich Sushi

Courtesy of 100 Real Days of Food
Sandwiches are a lunch time staple – they’re easy to make, the options are endless, and they’ll fill you up. But face it, eating sandwiches every day will get boring for anyone. So why not change it up a bit and try “sandwich sushi”. Just as easy to make but a lot more fun to eat!
5 Fun & Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

2. Teddy Bear Toast

Courtesy of Crafty Morning
So cute and SO simple! This is an excellent way to create a filling breakfast or after school snack while including fruit and protein. Plus, try out different spreads, like jelly or Nutella, to add more personality to these fun teddy bear faces.
5 Fun & Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

3. Apple Turtles

Courtesy of B-Inspired Mama
Make your kids forget about the fruits and veggies by transforming them into new shapes and characters. It doesn’t have to be elaborate either – these apple turtles are simple to make and sweet to eat!
5 Fun & Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

4. Frozen Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

Courtesy of Eats Amazing
Skewering fruit and veggies on a stick are a great tactic for getting your picky eaters to eat their food. Take it to the next level with these frozen fruit kebabs! Forget the popsicles – this will be your new go-to snack for healthy desserts and summertime treats.
5 Fun & Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

5. Healthy Candy Bracelets

Courtesy of One Little Project
Candy bracelets may be fun and fashionable, but they are certainly not healthy. But, if you just trade in the hard, flavorless candy for delicious fruits and cereal instead, you’ve got yourself a pretty nice snack! Plus, it becomes a fun craft for your kids to create their own wearable snacks.

5 Fun & Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

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