4 Delicious Summer Fruits To Look Forward To

It may feel as if spring just arrived, but summer is only a month away. This means more fun in the sun and, of course, taking advantage of the many great seasonal fruits that support your healthy lifestyle.

Sure, you can wait until summer arrives to figure out which fruits you’d like to purchase, but learning about them now can help you prepare nutritious recipes that you and your family will love. Whether you prefer sweet or tangy flavors, you can rest assured knowing that everyone will want to take advantage of these healthy foods.
Consider the possibilities
Fruits can be featured in a number of dishes and drinks. Embrace the warm weather by using them in chilled dishes that’ll help everyone cool down and eat healthier. From peach-based salsa to berry-infused water, there are endless variations that’ll make any gathering stand out. Here are four popular fruits that can easily be featured in any meals.

  1. Berries: These are favorites among kids and adults. Summer varieties include strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. They can be served alone or together. Add some tartness to water by cutting them up and putting them into the pitcher before filling it up with water. This can be especially beneficial for kids who aren’t particularly fond of how bland water is.
  2. Peaches: Chances are, your grocery store will carry ones from local farms. These are great for picnics and lunches. However, they bruise easily, so consider the type of trip that you’ll be taking before packing them in the bag. Alternatively, you can use them in dips or as a featured flavor in a meat dish.
  3. Grapes: There are many varieties of grapes, so finding one that everyone loves won’t be a problem. If it’s a meal on the go or outside the home, consider seedless varieties to cut down on trash. Additionally, consider the age groups that you’ll be serving these fruits to. Young kids won’t be able to eat small grapes or pick out seeds.
  4. Cantaloupe: When ripe, cantaloupes are one of the sweetest fruits around. These can be used in a fruit salad as an appetizer or served as a healthy dessert alternative.

There are plenty of other fruits that you’ll want to look into and take advantage of as summer draws closer, the Produce for Better health Foundation pointed out. So check out the list and start planning!

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