4 Alternatives For Butter In Dessert

Sometimes, you just need to indulge – and fortunately, there are smart ways to enjoy your guilty-pleasure desserts. One strategy is to replace the butter in baked goods with healthier alternatives.

Here are four substitutions for butter when making desserts:

  1. Coconut oil 
    Coconut oil has a similar consistency to butter, which makes it a great alternative ingredient in baked goods. There is research that shows coconut oil may contain heart-healthy fats, and the oil adds a light sweetness to desserts. Generally, substituting coconut oil for butter is a 1:1 ratio.
  2. Greek yogurt
    By substituting Greek yogurt for butter in desserts, you not only cut down on the amount of fats, but you also add a healthy protein boost to the dish. Greek yogurt works especially well in cakes and breads due to the creaminess it adds, Everyday Health noted. The site advised using 1/2 cup of yogurt for each cup of butter.

Applesauce is a naturally sweet replacement for butter in baked goods.

  1. Avocado 
    Superfood avocado is also a great butter replacement, as its loaded with healthy fats and vitamins, contains fewer calories and lends a creamy consistency to desserts. POPSUGAR recommends using 1 mashed avocado in place of half the amount of butter in a recipe. You’ll be surprised how delicious it is in baked goods – and you can even use it to make a vegan frosting on cupcakes, the site noted.
  2. Applesauce 
    Naturally sweet and moist with a low fat and calorie content, applesauce is another wonderful butter substitute when baking. SkinnyMom shared a variety of desserts that are delicious with applesauce instead of butter or other oils, like skinny fudge brownies, red velvet cake and carrot cake. Just be sure you buy an applesauce made without added sugars or syrups.

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