3 Ways To Live Healthier This Fall

Fall – the season of brisk, chilly days and turning leaves. Why not let the changes of the season inspire you to make some changes in your own life? If you’ve been thinking about having a healthier lifestyle, now’s a great time to to make some adjustments. The development of better habits now also likely means you’ll be better able to resist unhealthy temptations later this year during the winter holidays.

Don’t wait to get started – here are three ways you can live healthier this fall:

  1. Bring your lunch to work more often 
    When you’re dealing with hectic days at the office, the last thing it feels like you have time for is enjoying a homemade meal for lunch. However, bringing your own lunch to work can help you ensure that you’re filling your diet with balanced, fresh meals. During a busy week, the temptation to hit the corner deli or fast-food drive-thru can be all too strong, and so many days of unhealthy lunches can really do a number on your calorie count, not to mention your wallet. And eating a greasy burger or dish of take-out noodles for lunch will only cause your energy to plummet when you return to your desk and face the rest of your workday. Homemade lunches don’t have to be complicated – it’s easy to throw together a veggie-packed stir-fry, satisfying sandwich or nutritious salad. If your mornings are too rushed, make your lunch the night before, or make some lunches to last you some of the week on Sunday. Pack your meals in Fit & Fresh containers to keep them crisp and delicious!

“Take advantage of the beautiful fall season and invigorating air by exercising outdoors during the fall.”

  1. Lighten up your beverages 
    Drinks are sneaky agents when it comes to adding excess sugar, calories and unhealthy artificial ingredients to your day. Instead of reaching for a soda every afternoon or dousing your morning coffee with cream and sweetener, consider some healthier habits. Water is the ultimate hydrator, but if you find it tastes boring, liven things up by making your own infused water. All you have to do is fill up a bottle with water and then add sliced fruit and herbs, such as pineapple chunks, strawberries and mint sprigs. Leave in the fridge overnight for the water to absorb the flavors of the fruit and mint. In the morning you’ll have an ultra-refreshing drink ready to go.

Warm, sugary drinks are especially tempting during the chilly days of fall, but they can be super-unhealthy. Instead, keep things balanced by making more nutritious versions of your favorite fall drinks, like this pumpkin spice latte recipe from CookingLight.

  1. Embrace autumn’s outdoor activities 
    Take advantage of the beautiful fall season and invigorating air by exercising outdoors during the fall. Fit and Fab Living suggests going apple or pumpkin picking, doing yoga outdoors, going for a bike ride, hiking, joining a sports league or signing up for a community marathon. Just make sure you dress warmly and in layers so you’re comfortable outdoors.

With these tips, you can practice healthier habits this fall.

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