3 Tips For Teaching Healthy Eating Habits

It’s no secret that you have a direct influence on your kids’ views. First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative has highlighted how important parents are in helping their kids make healthy decisions. And as with many parenting lessons, it’s best to lead by example. There’s a lot of advice on how to get your children interested in healthier foods, but here are a few tips to get you started on the right path.

    1. Plant a garden: There’s no better way to appreciate everything that a fruit or vegetable has to offer than by planting and growing it . This can be especially engaging for young children, who are curious and love hands-on activities. Include them in every step of the way and take them to the gardening store, allowing your young ones to select different seeds. Visit your local garden store to find out if there are any varieties that are particularly hard to care for and consider avoiding them to ensure a flourishing garden.
    2. Get them involved in the kitchen: Children are proud of what they create, and you can encourage healthy eating by allowing them to help in the kitchen. Of course, this will require supervision and delegating child-friendly tasks to them, but taking the time to do so will lead them to be more invested in the ingredients and the food. They may be more likely to try foods that they would otherwise have turned away if they have a hand in creating the meal. Additionally, as they grow older, they may reflect on these experiences and revisit them on their own.
    3. Meet and greet farmers: If you can’t grow your own garden due to time or space constraints, you can still teach your kids all about how great fruits and veggies are by taking them to a local organic farm. See if there are any venues that offer tours and cater to children. You can teach them how the nutritious produce is grown, then transported to the grocery store, giving them a better sense of appreciation for these items.


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