3 Healthy Juice Alternatives For Kids

Healthy Juice for KidsGiving a tall glass of fruit juice to your kids may seem like a good idea, but some not-so-good things can be hiding in that cup. Fruit juice is deceiving: The bottle may promise that it contains lots of nutrients, but in fact the drink typically contains a ton of hidden sugar along with artificial sweeteners and coloring agents – and many don’t even include real juice! Even scarier is that many juices can contain as much sugar as a soda. According to Prevention magazine, a 10-ounce glass of grapefruit juice can contain 10 packets of sugar!

However, hydration is vital to health, especially for growing bodies, so it’s important to find a better replacement for these sugar drinks. Here are three healthy juice alternatives you can give your kids:

  1. Superfood juices watered down
    Superfoods like pomegranate and blueberries are lauded for their incredibly high nutritional content. Pomegranate, for example, contains tons of antioxidants and helps protect against a several diseases, according to Medical Daily. However, juices made from these fruits may be too tart or strong for kids’ palates. A great solution is to add a cup of water to superfood juices to make them tastier. They still contain the health benefits while being easier to sip! A lot of sugar can be hiding in fruit juices.

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  2. Kid-friendly green juice
    Green juice is trending among health-conscious adults, but kids can enjoy it too! Making your own green juices at home is also a sneaky way to make sure kids get their veggies. The secret to getting your kids on board with green juice – especially when they balk at broccoli or spinach – is to keep the ingredients properly balanced so sweet fruits overshadow any vegetables. For example, try a green juice made with apples, raspberries, celery and spinach – the fruits masks the celery and spinach’s flavor for a mild, palate-pleasing taste.

  3. Seltzer water
    Store-bought juices can be too sugary, and plain water may be too boring for many kids, so seltzer water is a great solution. Look for naturally flavored varieties with no added sugars – with flavors from grape to vanilla, seltzers taste like soda but are much better for you.
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