3 Decorating Tips For A Modern Tea Party

With the weather warming up and the days lasting longer, it’s time to head outside. If you have a party coming up, consider making it a tea party-themed get together.
The thought of tea parties probably conjures up images of little girls in brightly colored dresses and tables covered in tiny sandwiches and intricately designed teacups. While you’ll want to capture the overall charm of this setup, it’s the 21st century and if you suspect partygoers won’t be as enthusiastic about a period-themed event, you may have to reconsider some decorations.
Find the right balance
Featuring a tea party setup without going over the top will be challenging. Tea parties are usually defined by the time period, so how do you emanate that same atmosphere without accidentally turning your garden into Victorian England?
If you’re scrambling around for ideas and can’t figure out where to start, here are four decorating ideas to look into.

      1. Make your own tiered serving platter: Tiered serving platters are a staple of tea parties. You may not┬áhave one in your possession, and if you’re not planning on hosting any other tea parties, purchasing one can be a waste of money. Instead, keep your wallet happy and exercise your creativity by making your own, as suggested Jamie, a blogger who’s also a mom and a cook. All it takes is a few dishes of complementary design and a couple of short candlestick holders. Glue the candlestick holders between the dishes for a custom, functional centerpiece that your guests will admire.
      2. Bring furniture outdoors: Traditional tea parties call for delicacy and intricate designs. Offset this by moving large pieces of furniture into the backyard. Bookshelves with square compartments can be used to hold teapots, cups, dishes, food or potted flowers. It can serve form and function. An armchair will encourage lounging, which will contrast the environment of proper English tea parties.
      3. Include bulkier mugs: Though you should use your finer teacups, there’s no reason to exclude your bulky ones or drinking jars. Not all partygoers may want to drink out of traditional tea cups, which are thin and delicate. A mixture of vintage and modern ones will ensure that everybody can drink tea out of vessels that they appreciate and are comfortable using.

Your guests won’t forget about your modern tea party anytime soon when you feature such cool items!


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