2 Quick & Effective Exercise Routines

In today’s modern world, you may feel hard-pressed to keep up with regular exercising. If you work a 9-to-5 day and commute, free time can be hard to come by. This can be especially true for those with children.

You likely have small bits of spare time, whether it’s 15 or 30 minutes. These may not seem like long enough durations during which to exercise, but they can be! Consider this: You won’t be taking any time out of your day, and the only adjustment you’re making is one that increases a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of where you are, you can take these opportunities to stay fit. Not sure what exercises to engage in? Here are a few to get you started.

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1. Tone your triceps

Real Simple magazine published one routine created by a former Navy SEAL and current personal trainer. There are three movements, each of which should be done about 12-15 times and in three sets. You begin with the standing wall push-up, in which you plant your hands at shoulder height on the wall at an arm’s length distance. Your thumbs should touch, and you perform a simple push up movement, keeping your elbows close.

The second move is the triceps dip, where you seat yourself on the edge of a bench or chair, place your hands flat near the edge and lift your rear up and forward, away from the seat, lowering your body while keeping your feet and hands planted.

The final move is the biceps curl with triceps squeeze. This requires small weights, which you’ll hold with your palms facing upward. With your arms at your side, raise the weights to your shoulder for a traditional lift, then contract your triceps when the weight is at shoulder height. Turn your wrist around at this point so that your palms face forward and lower the weight back to your side, then continue the movement until the weights are slightly behind you. Squeeze your triceps again when your arms are straightened behind you.

2. Work on your midsection

This workout, published in Women’s Health magazine, calls for a stability ball. Created by a personal trainer and fitness author, the routine should be done quickly with little to no rest between each move.

The first is the stability ball roll-out, where you’ll kneel on the ground, keeping your knees under your hips. Put the stability ball in front of you and rest your arms on it, making loose fists. Roll forward on the ball and keep your back straight. As you move, your arms should straighten out. Avoid letting your hips drop. Repeat this eight to 10 times.

The second is the stability ball V-Pass. Lie on your back with the stability in your hands, then jackknife your body, doing the whole motion at once by using your core muscles. Move the ball between your feet and keep it there and finish by lying back down. The next rep will be to pass the ball back to your hands. Do this eight to 10 times, as well.

The third is the stability ball single-leg press, where you’ll lay your upper back on the ball, keeping your back parallel to the ground. Rest your left foot over your right knee and lower your hips. Move yourself back into the original position and repeat. Do this move eight to 12 times, then repeat with the other leg.

The last move is the plank shoulder tap, where you’ll rest your shins on the ball and face the floor, keeping your body parallel to the ground. Maintain this posture and tap your right shoulder with your left hand. Do the same the other way around, totaling 26 taps.

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