10 Creative Lunch Additions Your Kids Will Love

Don’t get stuck in the same routine – make lunchtime more fun with these 10 creative additions:

  1. Cheesy quesadillas 
    Quesadillas seem like a treat, but they can be a healthy way to make lunchtime special. Choose a whole-wheat tortilla and then top it with low-fat Monterey Jack or pepper jack cheese, sliced bell peppers and a few pieces of deli turkey or ham. Pack a side of salsa for dipping!
  2. Banana ‘split’
    A real banana split isn’t appropriate for lunch, but this clever healthier version is! Start with a bowl of low-fat plain or vanilla yogurt, and then top with a banana split in half lengthwise. Add chocolate chips, shredded coconut, a drizzle of honey and a cherry for a midday meal that seems like dessert!

Jazz up lunchtime with fun shapes and treats.

  1. Friendly foods 
    It’s easy to give favorite lunchtime treats a friendly face! Add a touch of whimsy to your kids’ lunches by drawing a smiley face on a rice cake with peanut butter, or pressing chocolate chips into strawberries for eyes and a mouth.
  2. Banana sushi 
    Kids will love banana sushi in their lunches. All you have to do is slice a banana and then cover the edges of each slice in peanut butter. Dip in sprinkles, powdered sugar, chopped chocolate or other toppings, and then pack together as a “roll.” Serve with chopsticks for extra fun!
  3. Tasty spirals 
    Sometimes it’s not the food that kids get excited about – it’s the shape! Roll pizza dough into several long ropes, then curl each rope into a spiral. Arrange the spirals on a baking sheet, and then brush with olive oil and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and a little garlic and herbs. Cook at 350 degrees for 7-8 minutes or until crisp. Kids can dip their pizza spirals into marinara sauce.
  4. Colorful salad 
    Making nutritious and delicious salads all in one hue brightens up lunchtime and makes eating healthy all the more fun. Try romaine lettuce, spinach, snap peas, cucumber, bell pepper and avocado tossed together for a green salad, or red leaf lettuce, tomato, red bell pepper and sliced strawberries for an all-red one. Easily keep salads fresh on the go with the Fit & Fresh Salad Shaker
  5. Fun-shaped sandwiches 
    Sandwiches don’t always have to be square. Switch things up by shaping sandwiches into hearts, flowers, clouds and other fun designs. Do it carefully by hand or enlist the help of cookie cutters.

Let your imagination fly! All your creative lunch additions can be packed in your Fit & Fresh containers.

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