How To Make A Week’s Worth Of Meals

The average supermarket carries nearly 40,000 items, according to the Food Marketing Institute. And as you meander around the store, food companies have utilized consumer psychology hacks to draw your attention to mouthwatering snacks. No wonder shopping for healthy lunch ideas for work is a fraught experience. However, researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have found that preparing home-cooked meals in place of eating out results in consuming fewer carbohydrates and sugars. Bringing a Continue reading How To Make A Week’s Worth Of Meals

4 Alternatives For Butter In Dessert

Sometimes, you just need to indulge – and fortunately, there are smart ways to enjoy your guilty-pleasure desserts. One strategy is to replace the butter in baked goods with healthier alternatives. Here are four substitutions for butter when making desserts: Coconut oil  Coconut oil has a similar consistency to butter, which makes it a great alternative ingredient in baked goods. There is research that shows coconut oil may contain heart-healthy fats, and the oil adds Continue reading 4 Alternatives For Butter In Dessert

Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil: Which Is Better?

It’s not hard to notice that coconut oil has become the big, trendy It product for health, cooking and beauty purposes. From moisturizing hair and skin to being a sweetener in desserts, a look at social media would make you think that there isn’t anything coconut oil can’t do. More recently, coconut oil is being pitted against that kitchen staple, olive oil. This important oil of the Mediterranean diet has long been applauded as part Continue reading Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil: Which Is Better?

5 Filling Salads for Your Work Week

5 filling salads

Bulk up your boring old salad routine with these 5 filling salads that are sure to please! We’ve discovered these creative salad recipes that are sure to keep you full all the way until dinner. Avoid that mid-afternoon slump by packing your on-the-go salad for lunch with filling protein as well as some tasty, colorful veggies! 1. Steak and Blue Cheese Salad via Beneficial Bento Steak isn’t just for dinner! Add some sliced on top Continue reading 5 Filling Salads for Your Work Week

3 Low-Carb Chili Recipes For Winter

A warm bowl of chili can make the winter blues go away with one spoonful. If you’re trying to watch your carb intake, you can still make a variety of flavorful chilis to enjoy on cold, snowy days without a heavy carb content. Try the three tasty recipes below – make them ahead of time then pack in Fresh & Fit containers for enjoying throughout the week: 1. Low-Carb Kickin’ Chili:  Add some heat to Continue reading 3 Low-Carb Chili Recipes For Winter

Red Dye No. 40: Good Or Bad For You?

Looking at a long list of ingredients for foods like Holiday Oreos, Pop Tarts and Nutrigrain strawberry bars is an exhausting exercise. Which ingredients are okay to eat and which aren’t? Compared with all-natural food ingredients, food dyes like red dye no. 40 seem unhealthy. Is it as bad as it seems? The results are mixed. Red dye: The good, the bad and the unhealthy It’s worth noting that we haven’t been using food dye in Continue reading Red Dye No. 40: Good Or Bad For You?

Not All Fat Is Bad! (Good Fat vs Bad Fat)

We’ve been conditioned to associate the word “fat” with “unhealthy”. We’re on such a fat-free or low-fat craze, influenced to buy any label that showcases these terms. We build diets around them. We can be tempted into overeating, simply because it’s “fat-free” or “low fat”. At the risk of being the bearer of bad news, this is one of the greatest nutrition misconceptions. It must be emphasized that when something comes out, something must go Continue reading Not All Fat Is Bad! (Good Fat vs Bad Fat)

The Health Benefits Of A Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten free – it’s a common diet-related phrase that’s been unavoidable the last few years. But what exactly does it mean? For some people it’s a choice whereas others, who suffer from celiac disease, have less of an option. Celiac disease means your immune system rejects and reacts to any products with traces of gluten. When a person suffers from celiac disease and consumes gluten-laden foods, it will eventually result in the gut lining becoming Continue reading The Health Benefits Of A Gluten-Free Diet

Here’s A Vegetarian Chili To Help You Fight A Cold

When your you start feeling the sniffles, hot soup is a great way to feel better. And while chicken noodle soup is a classic, sometimes you’re looking for something a little bit heartier. Vegetarian chili, packed with nutrients and feel-good ingredients, is sure to help you feel better fast. What’s great about chili is how easily you can swap out ingredients. Hate mushrooms? You can throw in an extra half cup of peppers or toss in some chopped Continue reading Here’s A Vegetarian Chili To Help You Fight A Cold

Difference Between Complex Carbs and Simple Carbs

There’s a lot of debate around carbohydrates these days. Are they good, or are they bad? What are examples of complex carbs and simple carbs? Why are we made to fear carbs? Aren’t they a great energy source? Yes, they absolutely are. But before you go loading up on bread and pasta, you must understand that not all carbs are the same. Have you heard that there are “good fats” and “bad fats?” Well, there are Continue reading Difference Between Complex Carbs and Simple Carbs

3 Seasonal Salads To Bring To Work

Sometimes, a fresh and colorful lunch can brighten up an otherwise drab workday. With just a little prep the night before, you can pack delicious salads in your Fit & Fresh containers to enjoy on your lunch break the next day. Why not switch up your salad game by incorporating seasonal ingredients? Here a few tasty ideas: Pomegranate, walnut and goat cheese salad  Pomegranates are in season right now, which means you should grab every chance Continue reading 3 Seasonal Salads To Bring To Work

2 Gluten-Free Holiday Side Dishes

Eating gluten-free can be especially challenging around the holidays. As the heaping baskets of fresh-baked rolls and piled-high casserole dishes make their rounds, you may wonder how you’ll be able to stay on track with your diet without sacrificing taste. Fortunately, there are many delicious gluten-free holiday side dishes out there for you to enjoy. Here are a couple of our favorites – and remember, leftovers can be packed away in Fit & Fresh containers Continue reading 2 Gluten-Free Holiday Side Dishes

Juicing vs Blending – Which Is Better?

For busy parents, it can be hard to have your kids get all the fruits and vegetables they need in a day to stay healthy. Juicing – which in recent years has skyrocketed in popularity – seems to be a promising solution: A homemade juice made with fresh produce is versatile and can pack up to 1 cup of mango, kale, spinach and apple each – along with other healthy ingredients like ginger or lemon. For Continue reading Juicing vs Blending – Which Is Better?