Rice Bowls

Rice Bowl Meal Prep Recipes

When you have dozens of meetings and projects on your schedule, packing yourself a healthy lunch for work each day is one of the first tasks to be nixed from your to-do list. A little meal prep ahead of time, though, can save you from a week of unhealthy take-out and sad vending machine lunches. Rice […]

Kid-friendly snacks

Kid-Friendly Dessert Swaps

Have you ever known a kid who doesn’t like dessert? If you have, you’re lucky. But if not, you’ll need to come up with some smart swaps that will let your kids indulge their sweet tooth without going overboard. You may have considered eliminating dessert and other indulgences from your child’s diet altogether, however, conventional […]

Healthy Snacks for Kids

Healthy Snacks Your Kids Can Take To School

With homework, activities and early start times, kids need the right fuel to stay energized and focused throughout the school day. While a healthy breakfast and lunch is essential, it’s also important to pack nutritious, well-balanced snacks for munching on between meals when hunger strikes. Below are four ideas for healthy snacks your kids can […]

Smart Food Strategies

Smart Food Strategies For Several Common Occasions

So many occasions in life are inextricably linked to food. Watching a movie seems incomplete if you’re not munching on popcorn, while every birthday party demands a cake. Outings with friends, romantic dates, office functions, sports games – it’s practically expected in all of them that food will play a part. While these events are […]

HElathy ICe cream

Healthy Alternatives To Ice Cream

If you find it hard to resist a bowl of ice cream at the end of a long workday or in the heat of a summer afternoon, you’re not alone. This sweet treat can be what your taste buds ordered, but unfortunately, ice cream also comes loaded with lots of sugar, fat and calories. Luckily, […]

Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie Bowls Sweep The Nation

You already know that smoothies are a great go-to snack or meal for helping you get the important vitamins and minerals you need each day. But did know that a new food trend sweeping social media can help you pack even more nutrients into your diet, and help you stay on track with your health […]

bento boxes are fun healthy and delicious

Healthy Lunches For Kids Made Easy: Bento Boxes

When packing lunches for your kids, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. The lunch needs to be healthy, well-balanced and deliver vital nutrients that your kids need. It also needs to include foods your kids will actually want to eat, even for the pickiest of eaters, and involve prep that can […]